Exercises For Basketball

Basketball for Beginners Stretching Exercises for Basketball Players

One thing you do before you start playinga game of basketball is calasended stretching the biggest thing that you do in basketballis use your legs so you want to stretch out your ham strings and your calf muscles soyou don't hurt yourself and breaking ankles or twisting knees, or hurting your ACL basically.So one big stretch you want to do is stretch your ham strings by lifting one leg up andkeeping your balance by keeping one arm forward. And you'll feel your leg tightened right hereall across your ham string, you'll do that for about 2, 3 minutes depending on how soreyou are or how much you want to stretch out before you play. And then you switch legsalways make sure you alternate arms when you

do it use the same arm for the same leg andyou want to stretch out your arms the same way. Another thing is to stretch out yourcalf muscles you want to use you tipy toes to stretch out and raise your legs up, soyou want to stand on the balls of your feet which will stretch out your calf muscles outand put your butt back and your going to bend over. It's going to stretch all this out seehow my muscles are ready tightened by being on my legs your going to stretch it all outyour going to bend over and try to touch your toes while you have your toes on your ballswhile your touching your toes, while your standing on your tipy toes. So you'll do thatfor a good cause your calf's are the hardest

thing to stretch and they get sore the fastestand they tightened up the fastest as well cause your running on them. So you want tothat probably for a longest of periods of time and you try to touch your toes and tryto go as far as you can without straining yourself or hurting a muscle while your stretchingcause sometimes it hurts to stretch muscles but it's also good for you. You can also do stretch your arms out causethere's a lot of stingulous activities going towards basketball when you dribble the ball,your hitting other opponents, you stretch out your arms, every piece of your body getsvery physical, stretch your arms out really

well. It's very important to do all this Iusually do palites but for those who don't palites is very easy to do this at home andsit down before you play. Both ways just twist everything make sure everything is loose jumparound a bit stretch behind you, stretch your arms behind you this will loosen up your backmuscles ya really loosen your back muscles and stretch all the way up it loosens up yourlower back and if you arch your back a bit while you stretch up in the air and you haveyour toes raised while your doing it you can stretch the whole vertebra of your back and thats basic stretching for basketball.

Improving Basketball Skills Exercises to Increase Vertical Leap

Hi. I'm Travis Corpening. And here we areat beautiful Carolina Beach at the recreational center. And I'm about to teach you some exercisesto increase your vertical leap. The first one I wanted to show you is called a calfraise. And the way you do a calf raise is, you find an actual raised level or platform.You stand on the end of it and you want to put your toes right to the edge of the platform.Right to the edge of the platform and slowly raise, raise and raise. You do this probablyaround twenty times, twenty to twentyfive times or do it until it burns. And try this,I would say, twice a day. Twice a day until you start to increase your strength, yourcalf strength. Then, follow up by also trying

to actually jump. Practice what you're actuallystrengthening. Practice using the muscles that you're actually strengthening. And that,I guarantee you, will increase your vertical leap.

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