Does Biking Increase Your Vertical Jump

7 MTB Tricks You Can Do Anywhere

it's hot as balls out today and I'm not gonna commit to going to thetrails. Sometimes we're stuck riding the sparsest of parking lots and urban settings and you know whaté It can help you to be a better more creative mountain biker So embrace these tricks and techniques, and have fun just about anywhere curbs and sidewalks can provide a niceboost for practicing you jumping skills just approach the curb at a comfortablespeed and pull up like you're gonna do a bunny hop

if you don't really know how to bunnyhop this might actually help you learn how some curbs work better than others butthey always provide some fun when just riding around town by locking up your rear brake you canhop your bike like pogo stick this technique is actually veryimportant for mountain bike trials and learning it should increase youragility. Just lock your brake and pull your bike up on to your back wheel. Just like a real pogo stick, you're relying on the handlebars, not the pedals

Start out with just a few hops untilyou can keep hopping nonstop for a real challenge try this on a roadbike with drop bars quot;Track standingquot; can benefittechnical trail riders and even racers who want to get a perfect start track standing gets its name from theFixed Gear track bikes it originated on however standing in place on a mountain bike is very easy to learn for beginners you can use the startstop technique stop your bike, then ride away. Keepdoing this and make stops longer and

longer when standing in place pull your brakelever turn your wheel and shift your weightaround keep the bike stable. For this one practice makes perfect.Almost any wall can be used to do an endo to fakie just roll up to a ledge or a wall to getyour back whee off the ground and then use your momentum when landing to get going backwards Keep trying to pull your bikearound until you're able to transition

before to forward riding. In a construction area you can usehighway dividers like mini wallrides Ride up to the divider at a low angleand jump your bike on to it. you may be surprised how easy and fun this one is plus, it prepares you for the nexttechnique: flat wallrides for that you need to practice bunnyhopping into a standing position this is basically a bunny hop into astraight up ninja kick keep practicing this jump until you're confident you can jump your bike flat onto

a wall ride up to a nice flat wall at about 45degrees and try this technique while staying on the bike yeah. I know these are not really the best instructions but that's the whole trick. Really you need to go balls out. Once you get up on the wall Getting off is pretty much a whole buncha trial and error I would like to think if it's sorta likea 90 degree turn but really it's gonna be a mess when youfirst try. If you can find nice little

Getting Started in Motocross Motocross Jumping

In this clip I want to talk to you about jumpingyour motor cross bike. Jumping, obviously, the most fun part of motor cross bike or itcan be as long as you do it right. The main part is really staying neutral on your bike.Get up on your bike. You go into the jump, which I'm sure you've already went aroundthe track. You know, you really want to go around the track, learn your lips of yourjumps, because there's a lot different, you know, some jumps are kind of more angled whereyou'll just launch off of them and kind of more for distance, some jumps are a lot lippier.So, you want to really pay attention to what kind of lips you're going to be hitting onyour bike most of all, so stay in neutral.

Squeezing your knees, cannot express it enoughabout squeezing your knees, because wherever your bike is squeezing your knees and yourhead is pointed straight your bike will follow. So, you're going to go up. You're coming upto the jump face kind of nice and neutral. When I say neutral I mean you're not too farback and you're not too far forward. You're in a nice neutral spot on your bike. So, whenyou get up to the jump face what's going to happen is your bike, your suspension is goingto compress into the face. As that compresses into the face you're going to feel it. Thenright when you're going to, just when you're leaving the lip it's going to tend to, it'sgoing to, you're folley is going to, it's

going to become uncompressed and it's goingto shoot you up into the air. That's really when you want to feel out your body and getit; get it correctly right in the middle of your bike. So, you're kind of; let's say you'restarting to go a little further back. If you're right in the middle of your bike just moveyour body up a little bit. Move your body up. It neutralizes the bike, gets you thatbalance. Let's say you're kind of already; you hit the lip of the jump and you're comingforward on it. Well, move that body back. Also a nice rule of thumb to do on your bikeis when you're on your bike; if you start to endo a little bit, endo is when your frontwheel is low, you give your bike a ton of

gas, as much gas it is. It's what we callthe panic rev. Not really something you want to hear or something you want to do, but ithappens a lot. What that will do is get your; get your rear wheel rotating enough with enoughmass and it'll; it'll try to; the gravity kind of pulls it back down to the ground.Say if you start to kind of come back and your front wheel is really high. It's whatwe call looping out. Then you're going to want; then you're going to want to grab onyour clutch and hit your rear break. What that's going to do is it's going to stop yourrear wheel from rotating and kind of naturally it's going to put your bike and want to; wantto slap your front wheel down. Definitely

techniques that are good to use, but you definitelywant to have enough practice when you use them.

Will a BMX work on mountain bike trails Sorta

We'll get back to this in a few minutes. Today we're at Virginia Key park to answera question—one we kind of already know the answer to; Can you ride a BMX bike on mountainbike trailsé I mean, you probably could. They're great for jumping over stuff andnearly indestructible. But then again, you could probably go hikingin tap dancing shoes. BMX bikes come in many shapes and sizes, butat your local skatepark you'd find something like this.

The tires are high pressure, the seat is superlow, and the brakes are.well there are none. We're also missing the pegs but I don'tthink that's a factor here. For our test course I chose a loop at VirginiaKey Park called Purple Haze. All of the trails here are named after rocksongs, and just like the song, Purple Haze takes only about 3 minutes. You'll see why that's important. I also like this loop because it has a littlebit of everything, from loose sand, to roots, to chunky rocks and wooden obstacles.

There are also some well packed berms whichI'm sure the BMX will work great on. There are no prolonged climbs or descents,nor would I want there to be. BMX gearing is made for short sprints, toset up for gaps and jumps. As you can see, my mountain bike makes quickwork of all these features. Pedaling through the sand and dirt is effortlesson big cushy tires. On bigger bumps and drops, the suspensionhelps keep the bike grounded. Even if I get going too fast, hydraulic discbrakes are at my fingertips. The experience on a mountain bike is fun,comfortable, and fast.

But we didn't come here to use the righttool for the job, this is Seth's Bike Hacks you're watching. Time to take the 20 inch for a spin, ballsout no brakes. Right off the bat, I could feel the bike bouncingand shifting around on the pebbles and sand, but on the berms and wooden features it wasa blast. The BMX was so snappy and nimble that it outperformedthe mountain bike that was following me. That ended really fast when I hit this littlesection of mushy dirty. Sand, gravel, and rough terrain is cripplingon a BMX.

On inclines, I was able to pedal hard anduse my momentum, but there's no way I could have done any real climbing on this bike. I was very surprised at how well the BMX handledthe rock garden, but then again it was down a small hill. If it were level or uphill I wouldn't havehad the gearing or clearance for pedaling. For the roughest of features, momentum isthe only way to get through on a BMX. As I worked my way through the trail, I becametotally exhausted. In places where a mountain bike would justcoast through, I was pedaling with all my

might. On a BMX you're always out of the saddlemashing as hard as you can. Bombing this little twisty section was scary. I just barely made it around this turn withouttumbling into the bushes. After one more chattery section I was nearingthe end of the loop. The BMX had made it through the course. But believe me when I say you can't do thisfor very long. After catching my breath, I thought it wouldbe a good idea to take another lap.

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