Best Vertical Ab Exercises

By | February 21, 2017

I Hate Ab Workouts 5 REASONS NOT TO

What's up guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So maybe you're one of the guys out therewatching Washboard Wednesdays that hates training their Abs. Believe it or not, there's a lot of you outthere and there's a couple reasons why. Either you don't like the way it feels whenyou train your Abs, the burn that you get is just so unpleasant that you try to avoidit at all costs, or more likely you're one of the guys thatsays, Look I've got a distinct amount of time that I've got available to train each dayand that's all I've got.

And if I'm going to do it, I'm going my spendmy time getting more bang for my buck. I'm going to work on my entire body and letthe Abs kind of fall where they may. You don't have to make that decision, youaren't forced to make that choice. Because I'm going to show you 5 ways thateven guys that hate training their Abs can start training them starting today. Ok kicking off this list at Number 5 is StaggeredAb Training. This is really really easy to do because ifyou think about what it is that you do between your sets, you realize,

Wow, what a great opportunity you have todo something that you haven't been doing and that is your Abs. You could take any exercise, any workout righthere I'm demonstrating a Squat. I finish up a set of Squats and as miserable as it mayseem, I go over here and I do have my rest periodto grab onto a bar and do some lower Ab work. Now my Abs are very rested here, yes they'reengaged into a Squat but not to the extent that you're going to be working them here. So they're not pre fatigued. You can go bangout your set here, take a little extra time,

get back into your Squats again. If you're training heavy anyway, you're goingto want to take a little bit of extra time between your sets as it is. So why don't you take at least one of thosetwo to three minutes you might be hanging out in between your strength sets and do aset of Ab work. Number 4 is something we can incorporate intoour Conditioning work and a lot of people now have found the value and finally tapped into the value of Carriesas a great way of doing Conditioning.

So you can do unweighted, unbalanced Carriesand get a great 12 combo here. You're getting your Conditioning effect butat the same time you're really getting a heavy dose of Ab and Core Stability, really that Lateral pillar strength becauseyou're unweighting one side relative to the other. Maybe 20 pounds on one side, 80 pounds onthe other. Or even higher obviously, if you can handle it. And work on working on your Conditioning atthe same time that you're getting your Ab

work in. There's no excuse and no reason why you can'tmake this small little tweak to your Farmer Carries to get that much more bang for yourbuck when it comes to your Abs. Number 3 and the next obvious place to gois to make your Ab training a little bit more fun. And we can do that with Explosive Ab training. Generally the Explosive Ab movements, likea Medicine Ball Throw here or like these Medicine Ball Slams, side to side,

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