Basketball Rules On Jump Ball

Improving Basketball Skills What Is a Jump Ball in Basketball

Hi I'm Travis Corpening here at Carolina BeachRecreation Center, and I'm going to teach you just what a jump ball is. A jump ballis actually what starts an organized basketball game off. And what you want to do is you wantto get the players, there's a circle in the middle of the court, at the half court line.What you want to do is you're going to have two players each facing their own basket.And toe to toe at the half court line, and they're going to have all their team matessurrounding them. And the referee will come to the middle of the block, in between theplayers, and actually toss the ball into the air. Now you can't steal or tap which meansyou have to wait for the ball to actually

leave the referee's hand, and once it leavesthe referees hand each of the players tries to jump and tap the ball toward one of theirother players or toward their side of the basket, side of the court. There you haveit, starting a jump ball.

Basketball Penalties and Their Signals Signaling a Jump Ball in Basketball

DAVE TYLER: Another violation that occurswhen the offensive team has the ball and they're tied up by the defensive team. When this occurs,we have what we call a jump ball. The proper mechanic would be whistle then would go tothe table and make sure that we see which way the possession arrow goes. There's nolonger a jumpan actual jump ball, we'd go by the possession arrow. At the beginningof each half, the possession arrow will start at that. That's how we start the second half.So we start the game with a jump ball and after that we strictly go with the possessionarrow. So here, we're going to see our offensive player has the ball in the post and the defensiveplayerboth players have possession. In that

situation, we'll blow the whistle and havea jump ball in that situation. Then we check the table and make sure we see which way theball is going. Let's take another look. Player has the ball. Both players are tied up andin that situation we have a jump ball. Player going up and shot isand he's going to holdthe ball and here we got a jump ball because both players we're in the air. In that situation,we have a jump ball. Let's see that one more time. Jump ball, here we go. Before the ballbecame loose, it was a jump ball.

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