Basketball Jumping Tips

By | February 27, 2017

Basketball Jump Shot Layup Tips Left Side Layups

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, and what we're talkingabout right now is the proper fundamentals and mechanics to making a good layup. Now,we're going to talk this time about making the layup on the left side. And for the mostpart, it's exactly the same as it is on the right side. However, a lot of people willtry to make a layup on the left side with their right hand, because the majority ofthe people are right handed. If you're left handed, this seems like a very natural shot,and that's good. But you're going to have to make layups on the right side and the leftside, regardless of whether or not you're right handed or left handed. So we want tomake sure that we got the proper mechanics

when making a left handed layup. So the firstthing that you want to come down and do is, if you're shooting a left handed layup, youwant to plant on your right foot. You don't want to come off the wrong foot and go upto the inside, because you're going to get your shot blocked. You want to make sure thatyou open up the outside to keep the ball on the outside from the defenders. So, we'regoing to show you by Kyle. He's going to plant the right foot, and again the knee and thearm are going to come up at the exact same time, on the left handed side. The next stepis his eyes are going to pick up where he's shooting, which is going to be on the backboard,and then he's going to go up, he's going to

follow through on his shot, let it bank inoff the backboard, and make it. Don't shoot right handed on the left side. It's left handed,left leg up, and that's the proper mechanics. Kyle's going to demonstrate for us full speedwhat it looks like on the left handed layup. Make sure you go up left hand, left side.A lot of young players want to go right on the left side, and it's going to cause youto get a lot of shots blocked. So make sure that you work on this, and get this left handedlayup down.

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