Basketball Jump Power

By | February 22, 2017

Basketball Jump Shot Layup Tips Power Layups Right Side

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, and what we're talkingabout right now is using the proper mechanics to make a good layup. The layup that we wantto talk about right now is a little bit different. Before we've showed you the one arm, one footlayup which is typically in transition if you're coming down the floor and you're aheadof your defender and you want to go up and score it. But the big guys down underneathuse a different kind of layup, and that's called a power layup. The difference betweena power layup and a normal layup is, the normal layup you're going to get up in the air andyou're going to expose part of yourself, but the power layup, what's going to happen is,you want to come come down, you want to catch

the ball, and you want to use your whole bodyto seal out the defender. You want to take the ball, you want it stored inside, and keepit away from the defender, and then you're going to power yourself up. That's where weget the power layup. So the main thing that you want to do is you want to identify wherethe defender is, and then you want to step down below, towards the basket, and you wantto seal that defender to the inside, or to your backside. And then you're going to powerit up, you're going to keep the ball until you go all the way up, then you're going toshoot it. And you want to shoot it with your outside hand. You want to keep the ball storeduntil you make it. Zack's going to demonstrate

what it looks like to make a proper powerlayup. Good. You see he explodes to the basket, gathers himself, goes up, and makes the shot.And that's how you make the power layup on the right handed side.

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