Average Vertical Jump For Nfl Wide Receivers

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Four Vertical from Two Back Coach Best

On our vertical we'll still want our 790play, our x and z receivers are outside receivers we run our verticals a little different we'relike tex tech we don't catch the ball at highest point we want to catch the ball belowthe outside shoulder and you know our receivers must all receivers particularly our z andz outside guys they have to get an outside release on their defender and they gotta restackthat guy and they gotta get back on top of these number their responsibility is the holdand grasp it's one of the numbers on the sideline that's their job we want them torestack the defender get the guy on his hip get covered early and get open late that mightsound crazy some of you may have heard it

before but we want to choke down about ninetypercent of their route their speed let that guy get over their we want to break off thelast possible instance and catch that ball on the outside shoulder the quarterback willthrow you open he's gonna put that ball to the numbers to the sidelines and that graspthe receivers holding that's when he catches it so that's the basic rules right therefor the outside gap our H and Y for inside receiver now our H and our two pack will actuallybe the running back force our Ys our tight end tight kid and those guys they must gonnaoutside release they want to stay outside the hash and what they want to do is run aC 3 route and that's a really particular

route right there and we'll talk about thatmore and hope you guys have some questions about that we tell them if you can beat safetyover the top on your C read you gotta a two eye safety look or even a on eye you can runby that safety do it you can't you want to throw it at eight to ten yards the windowand settle and give the quarterback your eyes and we'll throw a C read route to you. Andthen flip your hips and get up field okay the running back is our Elth he's goingto check the protection first soon as that's over he's gonna run an under route threeto five yards deep over the football and spot up and give him his hands now if there'sman coverage he wants to break flat away from

the defender. The guy takes on his right sidebreaks left and get flat or make a boogie to ball to get open you take off and you getthe ball field and that is the zone coverage you either set still or give the quarterbackyour eyes that's the rules okay and I just got a little example it's kind of poor forgiveme for the bad slide here probably but try to do the best you could being in line backone of our quarterbacks read here this we call our flex formation with our Y and Z onthe right side and you can see our H just come from he's always s gonna be on ourleft our Hs and he just moves from that inside receiver spot on the left to the running backspot in the backfield that's all he does

that's just flex now if we were to movethe Z over and put him open next to the X off the line then that one would just be flextwins we would call them so if you could put that in your head we're gonna go over morestuff. From the quarterbacks read two the way we read our vertical is this quarterbacksif we're under which we rarely throw a ninety form under center but if we do it's a fivestep drop and if we're in the guns a three step drop he's just gonna gather our shuffleshover gather whatever those quarterbacks do three steps about seven yards deep he'sgonna pick a sign to read across the field that's what his job is its pretty snap he'sgonna look to the side with the defensive

player in the tightest and here's his rulesif it's a tight pressed coverage pick the best match up the best match up we want togo outside inside check down versus tight pressed coverage best matchup if theirs siftcoverage we want to you know or cover cover cover three look we want to work inside insidecheck down and when I say check down that's running back stow it down to him but it solvesown coverage those corners are playing off then we really don't want to throw it tohim you know bailing corners like that he could play the vertical routes really goodon the outside so we stow inside inside check down versus one how here's a one how looksame deal best matchup you know if there playing

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