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Track Field Training How to Increase Your Vertical Jump

Hi I'm Les Whitley. I'd like to take a fewminutes now and talk to you about how to improve your vertical jump. Your vertical jump isagain your ability to push force into the ground to propel your body upward overcomingthe forces of gravity, traveling upward through space. Knowing where you start or knowingwhere your vertical jump is to begin with is a great way to start. Once you identifywhat your vertical jump is usually measured in inches you know where you want to go andhow far you want to progress from as little as a gain of one inch up to three inches overthe course of a six to a twelve week time frame is actually a pretty good improvement.Putting force in the ground means that you

have got to get stronger, utilizing exercisessuch as the squat, to develop a good base of power for the lower body but then alsomaximizing the transfer of that power through incorporating exercises like the power cleanor the overhead snatch, the olympic movements which involve very speed oriented movementsto that you are maximizing that power output in minimal time. The vertical jump is a veryquick movement. You are putting maximal force in a very short amount of time. The otherthing becomes technique ideally setting yourself up as a spring, springing and loading yourselfup into a position, not to overcompensate by staying too long in a deep position sothat the muscles become taxed and fatigued.

You want to set yourself up by causing a nicespring effect swinging your arms down which preloads those muscles engaging the musclesof the hips, the muscles of the lower body, the calves and then forcefully swinging yourarms up high to again maximize that vertical leap so arms start up high, forceful drivedown and then rebound for maximal height.

Youth Basketball Shooting Tips Youth Basketball Shooting Tips Hand Release

Hi, this is Sean Hobson and what we're talkingabout right now is the proper mechanics behind making a great shooter. Now, we can talk abouthaving a good base. We've talked about picking up the goal with your eyes. Now, its the importantpart which is actually making the shot. So, first of all, we always want to catch theball and we want to get locked in the shooting form. We want to have our feet shoulder widthapart, good base. Now, we have our hands perfectly ready. Now is ready in time to make the shot.Now, there are a lot of ways that you can make the shot. We want to talk about the properway. There's kind of a difference that you have to find out. There is a common pointthat you need to practice over and over again.

And what I mean by that is some people shootthe ball way out in front of them. That's not where you want to go because what happenswith that is a) the ball is going to have too much velocity and you're going to havea flat shot. Its going to have a hard time getting up over the rim. Its going to hitthe front of the rim. So you don't want to come out of your shot and shoot it straightout in front of you. You also don't want to shoot the ball straight up top because what'sgoing to happen there is you're going to shoot the ball up high but its not going to havevery much distance. So you want to find a happy medium. And that release is going tobe about right here. All you're going to do

is you're going to take your hand from yourshoulder and just bring it straight out and that's about the proper angle to making ashot. So not too high, not too far out, but about right in the middle of making the shotand Hunter's going to demonstrate what that looks like. Good. You see his hand wasn'tstraight up, it wasn't straight out, its about 45 degree angle and that's the proper shootingstyle that we want you guys to use.

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