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By | February 21, 2017

Kangaroos Can Jump 30 Feet High

Welcome to quot;DiscoveryWorld Safari.quot; On today's episode,the kangaroo. Kangaroos live inEastern Australia in small groups calledtroops or herds. However, Australiansknow them better as mobs. Kangaroos are classifiedas marsupials.

And are in fact the largestof all the marsupial species, standing over 6 feet tall. They are primarily herbivores,with large, powerful hind legs. Their legs can leap toabout 30 feet at the time and travel as fastas 30 miles per hour. Perhaps their mostfamous characteristic is their pouch, whichIS A fold of skin that can hold theirnewborns, known as joeys.

Joeys stay in thepouch for 10 months before they leaving,though they do venture out as young as fourmonths old to graze on grass beforereturning to the pouch. Please subscribe to thechannel and share this episode with your friends. Tell us in thecomment section what you'd like to see onquot;Discovery World Safari.quot;

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How To Get A Six Pack In 3 Minutes

Alright whats up guys its Evan From Howtosbybrosand today I'm going to be showing you how to get a six pack in 3 minute. another abworkout. Alright We are going to start off with 30 hollow body hold make sure you'rebreathing Then were gonna go straight into hollow body rocks. Try not to rest. Keep itup guys! Then were gonna go straight into russian twists. Come on guys keep it up! Nowwere gonna go into 15 Vups just like that. then were gonna go into 30 seconds of pulsilatorsso what your gonna do is go here, just like that. keep it up guys! Alright next were gonnares 15 seconds of rest. Alright your'e gonna get in a plank and hold this for 30 seconds.Make sure you're squeezing your glutes. Alright

were gonna do plank crunches for 30 seconds.NIce job guys keep it up. I was'nt looking at the clock. Now were gonna do spidermansso just like this. try to bring your knee to your elbow alright Now were gonna do maxhollow body hold and max plank for the finisher. alright so you're gonna rest till no go. Keepit up guys hold it for as long as you can. Alright Im just gonna do 30 seconds of plankand were good. OR max plank im just doing 30 seconds so the tutorial is not too long. Comeon guys keep it up. Just finish it. alright there you go guys thats the ab workout hopedyou liked it make sure to like comment and subscribeand uh seeya next time

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