Vertical Jump Boxes

By | January 23, 2017

Top 10 Box Jump Variations Increase Your Vertical Jump

What's going on guys. We're your Chinese Neighbors. I'm Patick and I'm Jesse and today we'll be going over our Top 10 box jump exercises that you can incorporate in your workout. So you want to get creative with it and if you like these Top 10 workouts, make sure you subscribe for more ideas. Those were our Top 10 box jump variations

If you feel like we're missing one make sure you comment and let us know, and we'll do it. If you feel like I have to jump over Megan 360 . intro a frog jump, onto a 60 inch box I'll definitely do it! In slippers while sipping my Lipton Tea. Alright guys, if you enjoyed the tutorial please give us a thumbs up. like comment and subscribe. Share the tutorial with a friend who needs to get his hops up.

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