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Future computing speculation nextgen consoles and graphics

Nextgen graphics (Hoping)This is the part where I can talk about what I hope to see in upcoming games. A lot ofit will be repeated from my old tutorial on this subject, only hopefully this tutorial will haveclearer examples. Firstly, in my 2008 tutorial I was hoping for an increase in parallax mappingin games. Well, forget I said that. It has been replaced with another, better, and farsimpler solution TESSELLATION. This is effectively just increasing the number of triangles thingsare made out of as you get closer to them, which gives the impression of more detail.If you had infinite processing power this could replace things such as bump mappingin fact, rendering everything in 3D first

is how they generate the bump maps for charactersin the first place. But for now a blend of the two is the most efficient way to go.I hope that movement gets a onceover in games. Rockstar seem the only ones capable of reallyfluid animations at the moment. Check out Grand Theft Auto 4 and Max Payne 3, both usingEuphoria's animation system which can combine animations and let the computer go freestyleif it needs to. For example, if you decide to make Max jump headfirst into a concretepillar. We're beginning to see decent physics beingimplemented into new games. Borderlands 2 has tons of debris, ripable cloth and realtimeliquid thrown in thanks to Nvidia's physx,

but an opensource alternative for both Nvidiaand AMD to use is needed if these effects are to be included for more than just visualeffects in games. After trying out 3D in games, I like the ideabut it's still poorly supported in most games. It does well in games where the actiongoes on upclose (Like Portal) or where the cameras for individual eyes are far enoughaway from each other to make everything look 3D (I find third person games do better atthis than first person games). The only time it really breaks the game is where a 3D crosshairisn't supported, making the targeting in games impossible (Unreal Tournament 3, forexample). The real problem is that you have

a choice between 3D and double the FPS, whichcan instead be put towards better graphics and gameplayrelated improvements. If anything,3D benefits older games better than it does new ones, breathing a new lease of life intothem. You can't beat Deus Ex in 3D with 32x antialiasing!Next gen graphics (realistic) and next gen console speculationI will be mentioning the consoles a lot in this tutorial, because like them or not, theyare the baseline that game developers aim for when making games. They both contain customprocessors which make them incredibly difficult to compare to PCs in terms of power, but theirgraphics cards are the equivalent of the Geforce

7900 radeon 1900 series. Computer hardwareis now many generations ahead of the consoles, as you can see from this list dating backto the year 2000. You can also see how large the gap is compared with between previousgenerations. Most games today have a minimum requirement of a Geforce 8800 or radeon 2900this is because this is roughly how powerful the consoles are, plus a little bit more becausePCs never seem to be as efficient at running games and they tend to run the games at higherresolutions. Graphics technology has slowed down since these consoles were released, perhapsthis is because further advancements are harder to achieve, or maybe there just simply isn'tany point, since all games are made with the

consoles in mind. The geforce 9000 serieswas a refresh of the 8000 series, the 200 series was a jump up, they skipped 300 completelyfor desktops and since then have had 3 series, each more powerful than the last. It's abouttime they refreshed the console hardware. Now for fun I'm just going to predict whatthe next generation of consoles will be like. I'm predicting that they're going to be afair bit more powerful than today's consoles, since I don't see it worth Sony's or Microsoft'stime to release a console that's hardly any more powerful than the last, especially sinceit will be powering games for the next 10 years or so.I wouldn't be surprised if they had a custommade


My name is Aaron Kyro. I'm a sponsored skateboarder From the San Francisco Bay Area. And today I'm going to teach you How to kickflip. Before you start learning how to do this trick You should be really comfortable just ridingyour board around And you should also have your ollies downwell.

Because it is part of it And it is going to help you out a lot to learnthis trick. The first thing you have to get down is yourfoot placement. Your front foot is at a 45 degree angle justdown from those bolts. And your backfoot is perched on the tail With the ball of your foot ready to pop it. Now the first thing you're going to do Is you're going to bend your front knee,

Lifting the front of the board up And you're going to put pressure down on yourback foot. This is the thing that's going to pop And give you your lift on the board. The second part is sliding that front footoff. You can see where the white marks are On my board from the shoes. Also pay attention to which part of your shoeactually flips the board.

Notice how my knee and how my foot turns asI slide my foot up. This is very important. This is what's going to give you the flip And what's going to turn your board. Now that you know how to flip the board, As soon as it's flipped, you catch it withyour back foot, Right at the back truck and put both feetdown. It's super simple.

There is actually only a couple steps. The main thing you really need to get down Is that flick of the front foot. It's very important that you learn to flipit up. A lot of people think you're going to flipit down to flip the board, But it's not true. Look at how my front foot goes up off of theboard. This is what causes your board to flip,

So you catch it and keep your feet above theboard. As soon as you see it flip around, Put that back foot down, catch your board And then just drop your legs and land. It's an easy trick. You'll get it down. Just practice a lot And before you know it, you'll have it toa point Where you can do it whenever you want.

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