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By | February 28, 2018

Track Field Training How to Increase Your Vertical Jump

Hi I'm Les Whitley. I'd like to take a fewminutes now and talk to you about how to improve your vertical jump. Your vertical jump isagain your ability to push force into the ground to propel your body upward overcomingthe forces of gravity, traveling upward through space. Knowing where you start or knowingwhere your vertical jump is to begin with is a great way to start. Once you identifywhat your vertical jump is usually measured in inches you know where you want to go andhow far you want to progress from as little as a gain of one inch up to three inches overthe course of a six to a twelve week time frame is actually a pretty good improvement.Putting force in the ground means that you

have got to get stronger, utilizing exercisessuch as the squat, to develop a good base of power for the lower body but then alsomaximizing the transfer of that power through incorporating exercises like the power cleanor the overhead snatch, the olympic movements which involve very speed oriented movementsto that you are maximizing that power output in minimal time. The vertical jump is a veryquick movement. You are putting maximal force in a very short amount of time. The otherthing becomes technique ideally setting yourself up as a spring, springing and loading yourselfup into a position, not to overcompensate by staying too long in a deep position sothat the muscles become taxed and fatigued.

You want to set yourself up by causing a nicespring effect swinging your arms down which preloads those muscles engaging the musclesof the hips, the muscles of the lower body, the calves and then forcefully swinging yourarms up high to again maximize that vertical leap so arms start up high, forceful drivedown and then rebound for maximal height.

Fieldsports Britain Hare vs eagle British wild boar Welsh miners hunting episode 169

Music Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming upwe have George Digweed bringing home the bacon in his quest for boar. The Banwen Miners huntare on song in the valleys the local curry house. We have more top gundog tips thanksto our experts and their Skinners fed canines. First, it's a battle of speed and agility– we're hunting hares with golden eagles. Although it may look like Roy has opened apet pampering parlour, this is all part of being a dedicated eagle falconer. Just astheir diet and weight needs constant monitoring so do all the other important bits – youwouldn't take a racing car out without warming

the tyres or an aeroplane up without checkingflaps and ailerons, would you, Gingeré Likewise, you don't take a golden eagle out after hareswithout dry feathers. But this comes with a serious health warning: Teflon coated stuffkills birds, be it a parrot or a peregrine. If your bird inhales the heated gas then thatcan kill them. A lot of the parrot forums talk about it as well with people cookingin their houses with Teflon pans. And again the fumes from those can kill the birds, soif you are using something like that then obviously be incredibly careful and make sureit hasn't got a PTFE or Teflon coating on it.

From fluffing feathers to the beak bar fora bit of a trim. In the wild they would be eating a lot morehard bone material than we currently feed them when we are flying them. So they areconstantly wearing their beak down. So they also do what we call feeking where they rubtheir beak on rocks and that trims them as well. When we are flying them a lot of thetime they are eating reasonably soft food so the beak can become overgrown quite quickly.There is no discomfort. It is just like trimming your nails. Who's a pretty boy then.

Lincolnshire is well known for its hares andRoy and his friends have been coming to this part of the England for years. There's a promiseof some serious action today and with four male goldies and one female, our chances aregood. A female golden eagle, a male golden eagle.So you can see the female is comparatively larger. And that is pretty much all the waythrough with most birds of prey that the females are normally about a third larger. They aremuch more capable of taking fox and on the continent they obviously fly a lot of roedeer as well with them. The guys line up. Roy choreographs the beatingline. It's going to be hard going today with

the heavy Lincolnshire soil, but there aredefinitely hares to be had here. Gary has the first flight. It's brown haresone, eagles nil. Luckily it went down hill so he got a bitof steam up and took it. Sat on it bold up and as it started to run it popped up outof his feet and ran off. Which is hunting unfortunately. The next drive flushes more hares. Unfortunately,Mark's youngster doesn't have the juice to keep chasing this high speed quarry. It was a shame about Mark's young eagle there.It was too much for it with the wind he has

got. The wind has picked up a little bit andexpecting it to fly into that sort of heavy wind it just took the speed out of it andthe eagle knew that he didn't quite have the power to catch up with the hare. The guys walk field after field. The haresat this time of year are properly match fit so are really testing the birds. The most exciting flights of the day are inthe afternoon. Roy spots a hare in its seat. Let's watch that again in slow motion. Roy's male eagle, Baby, chases down the harewhich at the last moment turns to face his

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