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By | December 25, 2016

Kyrie 2 Performance Test Best Traction

Hey guys this is AD604 and as I promised I cameback with the Kyrie 2 Performance Test with on court footage.For the Kyrie 2 Performance Test, Im not going to talk too long. Not going to keep you guystoo long. I'm gonna get straight to the point and talkonly performance on the Kyrie 2. Now starting off the top,uh, the Kyrie 2 doesfeature a HyperFuse upper. You know it is full on plastic fuse. It is 2016, why thehell are we using a technology that's from 0908é However, the Kyrie 2 's fuse upperis not necessarily a bad thing. You gotta keep that in mind.The Kyrie 2 is a shoe that is built for speed.

I said this in my initial tutorial on the Kyrie2. If you haven't watched that tutorial, link will be in the description below.In that tutorial I said the Kyrie Irving 2, I had a strong feeling that the Kyrie 2 is goingto be for a speed guard shoe and it is very very true.The upper over here. It is rigid it is hard but it also cut back that reaction time thatyou lose so you can have that full responsive, fast feeling in the Kyrie 2. I say it getsthe job done. Now lets move back a little bit into the backcollar part of the Kyrie 2. This time we have a composite mesh. Uh this back is really comfortableon the Kyrie 2 I gotta say, uh it is quite

soft you know it is quite uhm molding to yourfeet. You know in that sense, it is very very nice.Notlike the forefoot very stiff and very responsive and snappy.The back is very soft and very complimenting to your movements, especially your ankle movementsin the Kyrie 2 and that is pretty much it about the upper it really just gets the jobdone it is nothing extraordinary or you know eye popping or stuff like that. It gets thejob done. It supplies you with that basic need on thebasketball court in the Kyrie 2. Done. That's the upper.Moving on to the midsole as you already know

zoom in the back, pylon midsole all throughout just a zoom air bag in the back. Nothing in the forefoot at all.Now the zoom air in the back is not the most responsive I have every felt to be honestwith you. At the most it is ok. You know. Can I feel ité Is it there in the Kyrie 2éYes I can feel the zoom heel in the Kyrie 2 but is it like you know extra goodé Notreally in the Kyrie 2. It is just there, doing its job so that again, it gets the job done.If you are a speedy, you know grounded guard that likes to uhm make a lot of funny movesand cuts like that speed walking, you know doing the moon walk on the court, the Kyrie2 Midsole and cushioning set up is definitely

complimenting your game. I can promise youthat. And moving on to the best part and my favoritepart of the shoe, the freaking traction boy. I would say yes, ok lets let the cat out ofthe bag and let me say this. The Kyrie 2 's traction, the outsole on the Kyrie 2, is betterthan the Kobe 9. Its really nothing words can describe it.It is extraordinary, it is above and beyond, it is that elite level, it is that you knowyour top notch traction. You can never go wrong with this.This is some most consistent traction I have ever freaking played on court.If you are a guard that enjoy some good traction

like I doé Yo look no further, the Kyrie 2got you covered. So if you like traction, Kyrie 2 boy. Kyrie2. Overall the fit of the shoe it is definetlytrue to size . I did not go updown half a size or whatsoever. I think it is a greatfit, uh , the only thing is that in the beginning you might feel like these are some bricks,or casts or whatever you wanna call it on your feet but after they play in a littlebit you know, you hoop in them a little bit, actually they gonna break out pretty well.Theygonna break down pretty well and you gonna be having a good time in the shoe.And of course the strap in the midfoot. This

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