Long Jump Coaching Clinic

By | December 7, 2016

Tori Bowie Psychology Major NCAA Long Jump Champion

I broke the record in long jump, which ismy favorite event. My goal was to improve every season, whileI'm in college, was to improve. As I improved every season, I ended up breaking the record.My goal wasn't to exactly just break the Southern Miss record, I just wanted to improve everyseason. If you want to be the best you will motivateyourself. I plan on being, by my senior year, top five in the world. It's hard, it's hardto motivate yourself. But you have to stay focused.I've been running track since my 10th grade year. When I graduated, I had no idea whereI was going to school. I had scholarships

from all over the place. And I just choseSouthern Miss. I want to get into grad school. I want tominor in social work. I love to help. A typical day for me is . would be to workout. I go to class. Some days I have twoadays. I go to study hall. I probably go eat dinner,and probably back to study hall. So my days really consist of study hall, practice andclass. I plan on being national champion. The skyis the limit.

Discmania Deep in the Game Ep 1 Putting Instructional Disc Golf tutorial

(Avery speaking)You drive for show and putt for dough Putting is definitely the most difficult part of the game but it's the most effective wayto lower your score I'm known for being a long distance thrower and putting is not the strongest part of my game but I'm on a mission to improve it. The most important thing in putting is a quick hit

right at the end of the stroke that ejects the disc out of your hand into the target. Also you have to feel that and that's right at the end of thisstroke all the other stuff that you do yourfootwork, how you move your arm, the grip you have on your disc is all secondary to that quick hit that you have a feel for. You want to learn how to make all those important puttsé

Well, I'm gonna teach you how to putt like a pro. There are many different putters to choose from from different profiles to different weights and differentstiffnesses. I prefer stiffer putter because itreacts cleaner out of my hand during the release. I also like a heavier putter because itå“€ less affected by the wind

but the most important part in choosinga putter is how it feels in your hand and it makes you putt with a confidence. Now let's talk about proper puttingtechnique and body mechanics, most importantly the grip. I use the fan grip By applying pressure on top of thedisc with my thumb and spread my fingers out along the bottom of the flight plate a disc. It offers a cleaner release and bettercontrol

next with the stance a good balance stance and proper body positioning I use a push putt. Square your body up to the target It allows your body weight to shift from back to front as you release the disc to the target it's important to keep your routine assimple as possible once squared to a basket, keep on your toesit's an attack mode as you wanna make the putt

and drive the disc at the chains You'll want to use one forward linear motion reduce any sidetoside motion as you go from back to front shiftingyour weight, driving your shoulder extend your arm and reachfor the chains the most crucial part of the putt isreally concentrating on the hit point itself

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