Jumping Stilts Training

By | January 29, 2017

More Dangerous Powerbocking Jumping Stilts Parque Renato Poblete Chile

The Most Monumental Fail! You Lost It!é I only saw a somersault and his little feet She just said that we have to go rigth now Wait a minute, we are with one crippled person hey GATO, what happened to you!é tremendous fail! Today We jumped 10 Steps and jumped Rivers

we are in the Park Renato Poblete (Chile) The Cat broked his ass Impacto Extremo Still been Trending Topic Welcome to Chile! I am angry whit you guys! sorry Sorry! We have to do this our international fans begged us to do this

arrive Impacto Extremo that's the real truth!!.

How to Use Jumping Stilts How to Jump on Stilts

KEVIN BARRET: Alright, we're having fun now,huhé Alright, you guys are almost expert stilt jumpers. In order to become expert, you'regoing to need to know how to jump, alrighté You guys are already well familiar with walkingand running and doing a little bit of jump stopping and stuff. Now, I'm going to teachyou how to actually jump, okayé Now, to jump is going to be exactly how we were when westarted bouncing, okayé You're going to put a little bit weight into each one of yourfoot, alrighté Now, it's basically like running in place, okayé This is the basics of jumping,okayé Now, when you actually want to start doing twofooted jump, you're going to reallyhave to bend your entire body, go down and

put a lot of bounce into the springs, alrightéNow, you're going to want to start out slow, okayé Just jump a couple of inches off theground, okayé Don't go to anything too big until you're really comfortable with jumping,alrighté Now, the website on these, Powerisers, actually say that you can jump to up to sevenfeet high and your stride, you can run at like 22 miles per hour or something like that.It's pretty crazy. Alright, but a little bit more jumping. Once you get used to doing thatjumping, add a little height to it, okayé I wouldn't recommend going the full sevenfeet high because not even I can do that, okayé So, another fun little thing to do onceyou start jumping, start jumping on one foot,

okayé So, jumping on one foot, it's just whoa.Just like that, you see thaté Be careful again. Alright, next thing you can do, jumping andspinning, alrighté That's where you jump up and down and spin. Just another little thingto make you an expert stilt jumper. Alright, so that's the basics with jumping, alrightéRemember, you don't have to be a hero, take it one step at a time, alrighté An inch ortwo is fine. That's a lot, okayé Then you can move up to higher and higher jumping,alrighté Alright. I'm Kevin Barret with Expert Village, let's take a look at this next clip.

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