Jumping Rope Training For Marathon

By | August 11, 2018

7 Jump Rope Variations

gt;gt;MARK: Hey! It's Mark Perry fromBuiltLean I'm in New York City right now,the east river is behind me and I want to show you one ofmy favorite cardio exercise methods which is just using a jump rope andthe beauty of the jump rope is, it costs like 10 bucks, you cando it anywhere and you can get a great work out. The one downside is that sometimes peopleget really bored from just jumping in place so I'm gonna give you seven different typesof techniques you can use to kinda spice it

up. and so I'm gonna start out with the basicdouble, uh, just one hop, it's just the standard jump rope in place,then you can actually go from one to the other from right to left. As you can seeI'm hoping from my right to my left. The next one, is you are gonna do just one one foot at a time. so I'mgonna do my right, and you can do 10 or 20, then you do left.

Then you can do side straddles. Front straddles. Then you can do running in place and finally you can do double hops. I'm doing two at a time. and so there're a lot of differentways you can spice it up with the jump rope, I think it's aright exercise and hopefully these different types of techniqueswill be helpful for you kinda

keep it fresh.

Jake Gyllenhaal Shows Off His Physique

Tell everyonewhat it's about. It's about this boxernamed Billy Hope who starts You know, he's 430. He's undefeated,and he gets by kind of fightingby getting hit and being angry,you know, and that's sort of his thing. And he hashe's married.

He was an orphan, and his wife'sactually an orphan. And they have a kid, and his family'severything to him. And a number of thingshappen in his life, and thingstake a downward spiral, and he ends up Ultimately the story'sabout him becoming a father,

learning how to reallybecome a father, and it has a toneof heart in it. The movie's just, like,has this big heart through the whole thing. How long did you trainto get in that shapeé I trainedI trained, like, five months, pretty much four monthsreally consistently. Like, two times a day.

'Cause I didn't know anythingI knew about boxing, but I never really trainedfor real like that, so I knew I neededto double my time kind of. So I made kind of eight monthsand four months and really learnedall the skills of boxing. And you jump ropeI mean, you jump rope so fast, and, I mean,that's really hard to do. Did you get really goodwhere you could crisscross

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow. Yeah, yeah. That's impressive. So I have a jump rope,and. cheers and applause You jump ropeso fast. You do jump rope so fast. You're such a good actor.You jump rope so fast. So I want you to jump ropereally, really fast,

and what's the causethat you supporté Name alike, a charityor a cause or. I lovewell,I work with this organization called New Eyes, which provides, like, glassesfor people who can't afford them and can'tget prescriptions. Okay, well,I'll give you money. I'm gonna ask youquestions

Jump Rope Workout Challenge 100 Reps In 30 Seconds

gt;gt;MARK: Hey guys, it's Mark from BuiltLean, today I'm gonna show you a super quickjump rope workout, literally takes under 5 minutes. How it works is I want you to do 100 repetitionsof jump rope as fast as you can. And ideally, if you're really fast you cando it under 30 seconds. And I wanna see how fast you can do it.You can let me know, you can leave a comment under this tutorial let me know how fast you can do 100 reps.Alright, I'm gonna do a 100. Let's see.

1020 30 40 50 60 70 80 90

There, I just missed before a 100.So, I don't think that was 30 seconds. It's probably 3335. Anyways, that's mychallenge to you. Try to do a 100 reps as fast as you can,separate about 30 seconds rest, to five total rounds and if you're super shape hopefully you cando it in 30 seconds. Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoyedit.

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