Jumping Mountain Climber Exercise

InHome Cardio Workouts How to Do Mountain Climber Exercises

Hi, I'm Kyle Brayer, your next in home cardioexercise will be mountain climbers. Mountain climbers is a great exercise for your legsas well as for your heart, it also works your shoulders and your chest. So you're goingto actually start in a peaked push up position which means that your hands are flat on theground and your glutes are pointing straight up in the air. You're going to actually startwith one leg forward, so in this case my left leg is forward my right leg is back and allI'm going to do is shuttle my legs. So I'm going to jump up and down, creating spaceand switching from my right to my left, so it looks like this. At first a nice slow paceis sufficient and after you get in shape you

can move a little quicker. And to the front.Make sure you're breathing during this exercise and if you need to take a break, put bothknees down, rest on your heels, and then continue. So mountain climbers not only work your legs,your shoulders and your chest but they actually work your heart as well so mountain climbersconcludes our cardio for that section.

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