Jumping Into C Exercises

By | January 18, 2017

Fastest Way to Learn C Programming

What is the fastest way to learn C programmingé You could take the practical programming inC course at MIT Open Courseware. I cannot afford programming classes. I certainlycannot afford MIT. MIT open courseware is free to take, thoughyou do not get college credit for it. Then I'd like to take it, but I think Ineed a better grounding in the language first. Try LearnC dot org. It has free interactivetutorials to teach you C, including the types of variables and loops as well as more advancedstuff like pointers and recursions. You do not have to repeat that. What aboutthe various variations of Cé

LearnC dot org has a section on C, C onthe dot net framework, but that's different from the C language. Good, because I'd get an F in C as is withoutadding extra symbols. C has quite a few of those. A fair introductionto the language is Cprogramming dot com, which has information on C++. I cannot help but thinking there is a C+,or C squared somewhere. The site talks about C and C++, so you'llhave to go somewhere else on Csharp. The tutorials are laced with ads for the bookjumping into C++, but that's how they pay

for the site. I'm still at the you had me at hello worldphase. Once you learn the basics of commands andsyntax, you could try learn C the hard way. I'd probably fall down the learning curve.And the hard way is rarely the fast way. The site has a basic introduction to C andexercises you can to do learn the structure of a C program. The site says you could completeit in a week or six months, depending on time availability. A weekend of binge watching tutorials on is more like my schedule.

Then try the CSLibrary.Stanford.edu site witha lot of lessons on using C, C with perl and various tutorials, many of which are tutorials.If you're devoted to , try the tutorials on the channel by Jonathan Engelsma. A lot of the content on C on is severalyears old. This is not like ObjectiveC getting replacedby Swift. C has been around thirty years, and the only change is a few new commandsand frameworks like dotnet. So a five year old tutorial on C is stillcorrect. The language is big, verbose and about asstable as Fortran.

Except it is actually still used.

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