Jump Shoes Of The 90s

By | February 5, 2019


Kids react to toys! This episode: SkipIt! (Finebros) For this one,you are not reacting to a tutorial. Oh god. Oh no. (Finebros) You're reacting to this. What is ité I have no idea what it is.

Looks like a bubble maker. Is it one of those things that you throw in the bottom of the pool and then you go pick it upé Oh, these thingsé Oh, it's one of those.Oh god, I suck at these. I know how to use these. I forgot what it was called,but I know what you do with it. SkipIté

(Finebros) Yes! I've wanted one. This looks like one of those '50s toys. Question time! (Finebros) Well, what is ité I have no idea. Is it like the Spanish ball in a cup thingé It looks like a jump rope that you stick around your ankle. It's a jump rope.You see it on this piece.

You put it on your footand try to jump over this ball. (Finebros) And why do you know what that isé They had them at my school for a while. Because my sister has one of these. When I was little, my mom got me one. My friend, Gabe, used to have one,but then he gave it away. (Finebros) So that toy is actually something that was around when we were kids. Oh, so you keep this for a long timeé

I didn't know it was that old. How do you like pinké Come on! (Finebros) We have a sister. Easy enough. That explains this, 'cause this doesn't look like the ones I saw on TV. They made them newer and they light up. (Finebros) It was called a SkipIt. What the heck is a SkipIté Show me what you use it for.

(Finebros) We actually have a commercial from our childhood advertising the SkipIt. Oh no. Terrible '90s advertisingwith their WOW! Is it that whole thingé Hey now, kids, come gather 'round. See what's Oh, it's kind of like jump rope! SkipIt, SkipIt Look at the clothes. SkipIt, SkipIt.

Do You Remember 90s Handgames

Tarzan jungle man swinging from a rubber band,slips falls breaks his balls. what colour is his bloodéHello welcome to nerdyandquirky I'm sorry my voice is so gravelly and sexy.I got sick. Frickin' called it. Anyway, does anyone else remember that rhyme,because I do. When i was singing that song in elementary school to decide who was goingto be It for manhunt, it never occurred to me how weird it was. But I caught myself singingit recently and then all of a sudden… nostalgia. And along with it, the realization that kidssay the scariest things. You know Barney. No, not that one. Yes thatone.

Who came up with thaté Just these kids left alone with a dinosaur. It's like if Jurassic park got any more irresponsible.But don't worry, he's a loveable fellow. Except every child over 7 had this weird desireto brutally murder the guy. I hate you, you hate me.Let's gang up and kill barney. With a baseball batand a 2 by 4. No more purple dinosaur.But it wasn't just a single isolated incident. There's more.Joy to the world barney's deadWe barbequed head

What happened to his bodyWe flushed it down the potty Round and round it goesRound and round it goes Round and round and round it goesChildren have not only managed to formulate a plan to murder and hide Barney's body. But also managed to fit all of that information into a deceptively and somewhat ironically cheerful song. That's terrifying.That should not be normal, except it is. Because people from other schools, other countries!remember these songs. But nobody knows where they came from. Just that at some point, likea freaky case of convergent evolution for psychotic children's rhymes, every schoolhas very similar songs. This can best be seen

in handclapping games. Because i lack the coordination of a third grader, I'm going to splitscreen.My boyfriend gave me an apple, My boyfriend gave me a pear,My boyfriend gave me a kiss on the lips, Then threw me down the stairs.I gave him back the apple, I gave him back the pear,I gave him back the kiss on the lips, Then pushed him down the stairs.I kicked him over London, I kicked him over France,I kicked him over the USA In just his underpants.But it's not always just a matter of depicting violence and humiliation, sometimes it just…doesn't make sense.

Stella ella olla clap clap clap saying escheego cheego cheego cheego chap saying ess cheego cheego below below the toilet overflowsAnd sometimes, it's just racist. I don't even know the handclapping gestures for this one but I just gotta tell you. I went to a chinese restaurant to buy a loafof bread bread bread they are me what my name was and this is whati said said said My… name… is…Ching Chong Charlie I know karatePunch in the stomach Oops, I'm sorryChinese, Japanese, dirty knees

Look at theseCriss cross, applesauce, do a favor and get lost! WHATé!Just imagine a whole schoolyard of children doing that. There had to be teachers on theschoolyard, one of them had to have heard what was happening. Adult figures, peopleof responsibility, just thought it was normal. Kids say the darndest things, or the mostculturally insensitive things, or the most homicidal things, or the most satanic things.How are y'all playing this off as normal, cuz it's notééYeah, so while you 90s kids are reminiscing on weirdly breathy pop music. Remember thesesongs as well. Also if this is what kids used

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