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By | August 10, 2018

IELTS TOEFL Vocabulary Talking about Food

Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's tutorial, Iam going to teach you some great expressions and some great thingsyou can say about food. Now, this tutorial willbe very, very helpful if you are taking the IELTS, because they oftenask you about food in the speaking section, and same with if you're doing the TOEFL, becauseoftentimes there is a question on food; not always, but often. Also, just this tutorial canbenefit everybody, because food is something a lot of people talk about, and so these expressionsare very good to use in everyday situations. All right, so let's get started.

I have, here, a question. This question comesup a lot on IELTS, sometimes on TOEFL, and in everyday life.The question is: quot;What kind of food do you likeé And what kind of food doyou dislike or not likeéquot; So I've written here some keyexpressions you can use to. Which mean quot;likequot; and quot;dislikequot;. Now, forIELTS and TOEFL people, you really want to show off your vocabulary, so these are somegreat ways to do that. All right, so let's look at some of these.

The first one: quot;I really like.quot; This is betterthan just saying: quot;I likequot;, because you're actually, you know, giving anamount. quot;I really like something.quot; So, for me: What kind of food do you likeéI like Korean food, so I can say: quot;I reallylike bibimbap.quot;, quot;I enjoy bibimbap.quot;, quot;My favourite dish is bibimbap.quot; quot;Dishquot; is similar tofood, but it's not.

We wouldn't use it for talking about applesor oranges. We use it for talking about a cooked meal. Okayé So a quot;dishquot;means something that is a meal. So: quot;My favouritedish is spaghetti.quot;, quot;I'm keen on pizza.quot; And here, be carefulwith this part: quot;onquot;. quot;I'm keen on pizza.quot; Okay, for these two, ifyou're comparing two foods, you can use thesetwo expressions.

So, for example: quot;I prefer bibimbap to sushi. I prefer lasagna to pizza.quot; So it means I'm saying: quot;I likepizza better than sushi.quot; Okayé So, key here, preposition quot;toquot;. quot;I prefer __________to __________.quot; SimilarI'll jump on this side quot;I'd ratherquot;, quot;I'd rather eatquot;.

This means the same thing as quot;I preferquot;.The quot;dquot; here stands for quot;wouldquot;. quot;I'd rather eatbibimbap than sushi. I'd rather eat Chinese dumplingsthan McDonalds.quot; Okayé So you can use these expressions, too.Very helpful for TOEFL and IELTS. Okay, what about for dislike, thingswe don't likeé Here are some examples. quot;I really don't like.quot; For me: quot;I really don't like McDonalds.I really don't like hamburgers. I really don't like hotdogs.quot;

Egg KickMuffins Whitneys Kitchen Gymnastics

Hi! And welcome to another episode of KitchenGymnastics! Today, we are going to be making egg kickmuffins and be working on our kicks. Sometimes you need a quick breakfast, and who's got time for a gourmet oneé And fastfood, it's just fast food. So that's why today we're making egg kickmuffins. I'll show you how. The first thing we need to do is get our ingredients. Let me introduce to you myingredients. We have English muffins,

American cheese, grade A extra large eggs, and Canadian bacon. Let's get cook'n and kick'n! The items you will need is a small muffin pan for the eggs, an electric frying pan preheated to 325 for the Canadian bacon, and an oven preheatedto 350. The first thing you need to do is crack the eggs into the small muffin holders. I almost forgot the most important ingredient!

We need to spray the pan with Pam! OK Now let's continue. OK Now next we need to break the yolk. Season to your taste. Our oven hasbeen properly preheated. Now let's pop the eggs in the oven. Now let's set the timerfor 17 minutes. Now let's do some kicks. Since this Kitchen Gymnastics we don't sit aroundwhile we wait for our eggs to cook. We do kicks!

So a kick is basically a kick thatgoes really high in gymnastics or ballet. we are going to do 3 kicks on the left side,and then hold it, 3 on the right hold it, 3 to the side then hold it 3 to the otherside hold it 3 to the back hold it then 3 to the back hold it. And now let's get started. OK Left Left Left

and hold it. 3 to the right 2 3 and hold it. Now 3 to the side 12 3 and hold it. Now 3 to the side. 1 2 3 and hold it Now 3 to the other side. 2 3 and hold. OK Now 3 to the back 2 3 and hold it. OK Now 3 to the back

2 3 and hold it. 3 to this side back back and hold it. Ta Da! Since we're making egg kickmuffins,I'm gonna kick this muffin! 5 6 7 8

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