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By | October 30, 2018

Track Field Training How to Increase Your Vertical Jump

Hi I'm Les Whitley. I'd like to take a fewminutes now and talk to you about how to improve your vertical jump. Your vertical jump isagain your ability to push force into the ground to propel your body upward overcomingthe forces of gravity, traveling upward through space. Knowing where you start or knowingwhere your vertical jump is to begin with is a great way to start. Once you identifywhat your vertical jump is usually measured in inches you know where you want to go andhow far you want to progress from as little as a gain of one inch up to three inches overthe course of a six to a twelve week time frame is actually a pretty good improvement.Putting force in the ground means that you

have got to get stronger, utilizing exercisessuch as the squat, to develop a good base of power for the lower body but then alsomaximizing the transfer of that power through incorporating exercises like the power cleanor the overhead snatch, the olympic movements which involve very speed oriented movementsto that you are maximizing that power output in minimal time. The vertical jump is a veryquick movement. You are putting maximal force in a very short amount of time. The otherthing becomes technique ideally setting yourself up as a spring, springing and loading yourselfup into a position, not to overcompensate by staying too long in a deep position sothat the muscles become taxed and fatigued.

You want to set yourself up by causing a nicespring effect swinging your arms down which preloads those muscles engaging the musclesof the hips, the muscles of the lower body, the calves and then forcefully swinging yourarms up high to again maximize that vertical leap so arms start up high, forceful drivedown and then rebound for maximal height.

Fiveseven Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the eighthepisode of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide. This time, we're covering the FiveSeven. First present in MW3, the semiautomatic pistolreturns in Black Ops 2, occupying a similar role. The FN Fiveseven is a Belgian weapon, designedand manufactured by FN Herstal. It was developed in conjunction with the P90personal defense weapon, and fires the same cartridge the 5.7 by 28 millimetre round. It is this calibre that lends the Fivesevenits name: and the unique penetration ability

the steelcore rounds offer its unique sellingpoint. The smaller cartridge also boasts anotherbenefit: the doublestack magazine contains 20 rounds without protruding beyond the gripbase. All in, the Fiveseven is a modern polymersemiauto pistol, chambered for an interesting cartridge with some curiously good traits low recoil, high penetration, and unparalleled capacity. Ingame, the Fiveseven is a high damage pistol with one major caveat. While you will be able to kill opponents injust 2 shots at a very close range, damage

will very quickly drop to a 3hit kill, afterjust a couple of metres. At longer ranges, you'll need up to six shots but, courtesy of a higher than usual headshot multiplier, you won't need more than 4 shotsto the head. Rate of fire is semiautomatic, limited byyour trigger finger's ability but otherwise capped at a fairly generous 750 rounds perminute. Hipfire performance is good, similar to thatof an SMG although with the semiautomatic rate of fire you are better off firing whilstaiming, unless the enemy is within touching distance.

Recoil is very low unless you're able tofire at a rate close to the firecap, the Fiveseven's kick is all but nonexistent. This means the Fiveseven can be used quiteeffectively at longer ranges, but the lower damage might put you at a disadvantage insuch a gunfight. Aim time is very quick indeed, at around 130milliseconds and movement speed is 100% of the base: the Fiveseven is an allroundvery nimble weapon. Magazine capacity is good for the pistol class,too 20 rounds sets it on a higher level than anything else within its class, eventhe automatic machine pistols.

Reloads are relatively slow for a handgun,at 1.6 seconds but given the higher capacity, reloads are seldom a problem: 20 rounds ismore than sufficient for multiple closerange kills, and a spare couple of seconds to topupis usually easy to find. Our build with the Fiveseven is going tofocus on the use of the pistols as a primary weapon. While they might not be as competitive assome of the primaries, such a build can be surprisingly effective: making good use ofthe pistol's excellent handling traits can make for a very good closequarter build.

The Fiveseven makes for a superlative secondarywithout any attachment at all: the plain pistol is fast drawing, high capacity and easy tohandle. The attachments available tend to have a relativelyminor effect: for our build we'll be equipping just one of them. The Suppressor is a good fit for the Fiveseven:while you lose a small portion of your effective range, any damage loss is made up for withthe stealth benefits. The low recoil and large magazine means anyadditional shots you might need are instantly available on tap.

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