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By | December 1, 2016

Male Dancers Ep 8 cityballet

(upbeat music) Voiceover: Most people think of ballet as a ballerina dancing on point in a tutu. But male dancers are an equallyimportant part of every ballet company. (energetic music) Chase: People underestimatethe athleticism and strength that ittakes to be a male dancer. Craig: Crazy lifts, lifts with one hand,

the girl was upside down, thegirl was in between your legs. All of these turns, spinning likea top, and jumping in the air. Chase: It's a lot work. We have to do the jumps and the turns, everything that's that physical anddemanding, but do it with finesse. Amar: To have somebodyin the audience cry, Chase: From a movement. Amar: From a movement, andthat's the journey that we're on.

Craig: That's what attractedto New York City Ballet, because the guys, they gotto dance a lot on stage; they weren't just behind the ballerina, or the backdrop holding a basket just watching the other dancers. Joaquin: You never get bored here. That's what's challenging fun, butalso painful at times. (laughs) Jenifer: Men tend to have a shorter career

just because their dancing ismore punishing for the body, because if you think about it, they're either jumping or they'vegot a girl up over their head. It's a lot harder on themthan it is for the women, because obviously we're not haulingother people around on our backs. Chase: Also, as a male dancer, what we try to havecome across, that it's Amar: That you can be aman, and you can be strong,

but you can also be soft and vulnerable. Robert: I never told anybody growing up in schoolthat I did ballet or jazz because if you want to be a dancer, and you're a guy, you'regoing to be an outcast. I remember there was a windowinto the ballet studio, and I was taking ballet andsome of the guys came over and were pointing and theywere laughing, and that sucks.

Harrison: When I was a kidI was teased all the time, I wore jazz shoes, I would walkaround on point all the time, but my parents were greatbecause they told me, quot;Well, that makes you happy, go for it.quot; But it caused my childhood tobe a little disrupted, I think, because I just wanted to be a performer. Amar: I'm a Bronx boy, and ballet is not something that you think as a profession.

Como Saltar Mais Alto How to Jump Higher

Today we'll talk about Jumping ability! How can one jump higher é Whether you play Football, Soccer, Basketball, Handball, Martial arts or combat sports. It's always good to have a huge vertical leap I remember working out with ankle weights as a kid.jumping at 3 a.m. My mom would scream at me for jumping in the living room in the middle of the night Then I found out that I was just damaging my joints So.there's a better way to jump higher.

It's called Plyometrics Quick reaction drills, which give you power and vertical leaping ability Today we'll focus on leg plyometrics to gain that height in the jump I will give you an exercise catalogue Each workout session you'll choose 2 to 3 exercises Do 2 sessions a week and rest well between them Each exercise will be done in 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 15 reps Rest 1 minute between sets

Vary your workouts and work on that power! A new season is coming and you should be in your best shape! Before we begin.I have a question for you I'll give you the answer at the end of the tutorial Which muscle do you use the most when jumpingé Let's begin! 3,2,1.GO SQUAT JUMPS KNEE TUCKS


I'm tired! This raises your heart rate and also helps with burning fat Remember the initial questioné Which muscle is used the most when jumpingé It's your Glutes, your Butt ! So.do some weight work with Deadlifts and Squats.don't just work on calves! Your whole leg is involved but the glute works the most! Good workouts guys!.

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