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By | January 3, 2018

Live Large Jay Cutler Living Large MassBuilding Workouts Training Tips Nutrition Plan Ep 1

I always say to people aboutthe mentality of a bodybuilder, you have to havesomething hasto be triggered inside of you. You can't be normal. You know, you have to havethat satisfaction of never being satisfied because youalways want to be better.

You always wanta better physique. You have to push yourselfbeyond limitations. You look at some guys thatpotentially could be the best physiques in the world but theydon't have the mental capability to push themselves. Mentally, you have to be,I think, a little crazy. You don't understandthe benefits of being a normal

person 'til you look at someonelike me, who, you know, can't buy clothes off the shelf, can'teat normal places to eat, can't ride in certain size cars, can'tride in certain size airplane seats, going to hotels overseasstaying in small beds, trying to fit in small showers. It's hard to shop, it's hardto go out to eat, it's hard to travel. So I mean, whenyou're 290 pounds,

it's very difficultto do a lot of things. You know, you're so abnormal, Imean, as compared to what people are used to seeing, people laugh'cause they just never see anyone so huge, you know. It's hard to hide it. And I'm, you know, I don'twear big baggy clothes. A lot of times, I wear moreformfitting stuff and, you know, people don'tit's not the norm.

You have certain places whereyou grow up and you're like, quot;I want to be there.quot; I mean, this is oneof those places. I came to Vegas forthe first time in '97. I fell in lovewith it, you knowé And that was before it was builtup even the way it is now. But what other place can you goand 24 hours a day you just wake up and decide I want to go dothis or I want to go do thaté

Like, I want to eat. I want to go work out. I want to go seea movie, you know, I want to go to the supermarket. I want to go eat at thisrestaurant, you knowé It's justyou can do anythingyou want, pretty much. You can have sushi'til 6 in the morning. I don't know any place inthe world really that does that

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