How To Jump Higher Ultimate Frisbee

By | January 21, 2017

Ultimate Frisbee Training Supercompensation

Hey guys, Melissa here and I want toexplain to you why the timing your different types ofworkouts is still important to you getting theresults anyone again so this is kind of a theory of how adaptation to training demand works. It's called supercompensation. Basically here's how it goes you have your baseline performance whatever it is and let's just use that example love I'mrunning a mile

or something like that you have abaseline time received so now that you're trying to improvethat quality uh you a train in order to do it you would gofor a long run or whatever it was just talking aboutyou renewal cardiovascular steady state endurance you did apply some training some stimulus some running as some sort and up if youtried to do that same training stimulus right after you're done with the firstround well you would expect the window

as well right so see you after doing your trainee yourperformance and air miles I would it would be less right here you're tired take some timefor your body to recover candidly however than you I returned to baseline and then there'sthis one no opportunity in which if you attempt to a you run the mile again yourperformance will be better

then your baseline your initial time %uh and then after time you wait toolong though you're gonna and kind of be detrained and in you must leave amessage to baseline you didn't improve so if you ran once a month you pretty much always returned tobaseline you have no improvement and your time okay up but if you %uh ran every day probably looked OK or evenif you're in every other day

%uh maybe if you ran twice a week wehave some improved kind starting point but you can see if youran every two hours it probably would nothave an improvement in your performances you never guess you i recover its own compliance trainingsaying those things hi too soon you fly down here early onin her notified to see you can you can end upin this dowry up star or you never covered came thisis a

for a little bit later for training islike crazy train too much too hard at the same time withoutrecovery you're gonna and apply below your baselineperformance we start I wat volume 5 change teams here the same time alone and you notice again was ride if it is again an umbrella andbaseline you quiet not frequently enough %uh so the key isyou want to you apply your next training stimulus kind of at the peak of the supercompensation curve

Ultimate Frisbee Training Design A Year of The Ultimate Athlete Project

so often athletes in this tutorial I wantto show you the T big picture programming of the Ultimate Athlete project and how to organize your training overthe course of the year so within the ultimate athlete projectwe have several types of phases so I'm gonna show you the big picturefirst I'll so depending on if you have been workingin the gym or not you will start off you phase or the offseason face that'syour choice face I get used to doing so functionaltraining exercises just gets used to

lifting in the gym can be really helpfulif you haven't been lifting you won't have as much soreness theirthan if you just start you directly into the offseason for okay so get passes all season get the preseason service at thepreseason is more conditioning days were getting ready sure that we have to work passage toperform during practices and trends got in season in season

is about decreasing the workload makingsure that we're not overtraining primary purpose here is toup be maintain our health to United injuredand also to make sure that we're notdetracting during the season you do training or overtraining nephew take her face which is just acouple weeks before our main event and then whenwe're done with our main event you estimate I see if season for freeeighty tired ultimate got phase a person

here for you that's just about recovery and just so taking a mental break and then you startholding again so knows how the automatic project worksthat the big picture and oh so with in these different phasethais you could have different numbers ofcycles available and so you may not see all the stays is it depends. love it on when yousigned up I if you sign up right after

I resign right after the season saylast year you will have access all phases if yousign up in wintertime might not see all phases on yourdashboard in the old the project new faces become availableeach month and decided whether you will see for example we will see all 6 houses and businesses not now on you know when you sign up so you we'll probably see more phases I yes butas a project that you can physically

using the time you have available I didthat so that there's some flexibility and you can make some decisions foryourself based on what you think is moreimportant so out for example I'm you know how longyou want to declare your in season that others flexibility there where youwant for example three months preseason and I two months Aussies or if you want formuscle seasonally water too much preseason I think that'sthat's its is making me

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