How To Jump Higher Kiteboarding

By | January 15, 2017

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Hey guy ! It seems that you want to learn how to jump You're new at kitesurfing or not, and you don't know how to jump yeté Don't worry, it's the same for 90% of the kitesurfers They think they know how to jump, but with the arrival of this little system, maybe you heard about it: the WOO system a small device you place on your board, it's small like this You will know the height of your jumps with this

It records all your jumps during your session and tells you at which height you jumped. At the end it says: quot;You jumped at: .quot; and you are like : quot;Hehe, 10m15m!quot; Oh man, 4m50 ! Your best is 4m50 ! It's been 10 years since you started kitesurfing For you, you know how to jump and. finally, no. Sorry for you, the WOO broke the mood

and I know that you are many in this situation. Don't worry ! We will see together how to jump and how to really fly high Be careful guys ! The King of the air, it's just for you So ! First step ! I repeat it again, that's not a big deal I check, before jumping, that the space on my left, right, leeward, is clear

You got lines of approximately 25meters You need to calculate, at least, the double of your line's length, leeward, left and right. In fact, a good 50meters is fine, I recommand you maybe 100m because if you do a true great jump if you start to rise and stay in the air during around ten seconds A lot of things could happen during ten seconds, so all the space must be clear around you. This step is over, let's move to the step 2!

Step 2 will be one of the key ! If you choose the good wing, if you're not over or underpowered, Normally you will be able to keep your speed high. It's really the key, the right choice of the wing. Overpowered is good, you're many, you want to overpowered, to go higher. But ! If you can't keep your speed, trully, it means that you're overpowered and at the step 3, you will fail. So, we agree that you choose the right wing

Your wing, if you're going to the right, is placed at 1 O'clock. Righté 12 O'clock, 1 O'clock If you're going to the left, 12 O'clock, 11 O'clock. You place your wing at 11 O'clock, 1 O'clock, don't matter On the side you like the most, it's your choice. You build speed, all the speed you can. Here is the step 3.

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