How To Jump Higher For Martial Arts

By | January 22, 2017

How to Do a Butterfly Twist Jump Twist Martial Arts Moves

quot;O.k, so now that we've learned all the basicsteps we need to do a Butterfly Twist. I'm going to show you the completed twist at fullspeed. Let's go over here and I'm going to walk you through all the steps that we'velearned. Now remember, we wind up, we take the necessary steps, we dip right here, andtwist and land. So at full speed it looks a little something like this. Now I want todo one from different angles just so you get an idea of how it looks. I'm going to do onecoming from this corner.We'll do one from here. From the standing, we get into the front stance and dip and jump.Like so! Now basically when you do it at full speed the run is very important up until thelanding, because if you do everything fast

than that will help your momentum and helppull you around and remember if you squeeze tight, look over your left shoulder, and comedown safely with your weight leaning forward you will do a successful Butterfly Twist.quot;.

Extreme Form Martial Arts Extreme Form Martial Arts Jump Kicks

In this section we are going to be going overhow to do kicks and jump kicks to get off the ground and show us if you are able tojump high and do some spin kicks. We are going to put those together and show you how todo some really cool kick combos in the air. So the first one we are going to be learningis a skip front kick. It is going to be your basic kick and you are going to put your guardsup, kick up your knee and kick. That is going to be your skip front kick. Ready so again,boom, kick. Now from there let's go ahead and combo. We are going to do a skip frontkick, jump front kick so you are going to skip, step together, jump, kick and you aregoing to tuck the bottom leg in with a tight

guard so let's see what that looks like. Onemore time, skip front kick, jump and into a full chop. Now another kick we can do isa jump reverse crescent kick into a jump back leg front kick so let's go and put that togetherand see what it looks like. So you've got to be able to do some jump spin kicks beforeyou get this one down. So you can see I just did about two different combos right there.You can throw those kicks together in any combinations that you like and that flowsfor you using different kicks and different legs and do flying side kicks do reverse crescent,540's, 720's, anything you like.

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