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Deep Water Exercise in a Pool Aquatic Therapy Ask Jo

Whee! Hey everybody, it's Jo. As youcan see for the aquatic therapy exercises, we have moved to the deep end. I'm kind oflounging around. These big noodles, there thicker than the normal noodles. They're probablythe best thing to use, and you can get them for about 45 dollars at a dollar generalstore. They hold you up really well. You wanna be upright with all the deep water exercises.A lot of people will float on their back, but to really get the stretch in your upperbodytrunk area, you have to be in an upright position. To help out with that, wear someankle weights. That will help you stay straight down. Mine are about a pound and a half each,3 pounds total. You might want to start off

with just that, but you can work your wayup and it will give you a little more stretch in the deep end. I wouldn't go any higherthan 5 pounds on each side though. First exercise is just a simple bicycle exercise. Just simulatingriding a bike. Again, your body needs to be upright, and then you're just going to pullyour knees up and kick down in a circular motion, like you're riding a bike. You'llprobably go forward, so you can do laps in the deep end if you want to. Start off withjust 2 minutes, but you want to work your way up to about 5 minutes of doing this. Afteryou do that, keep your legs nice an straight. Now you want to lock out your knees. If youpull your toes up, that will help keep your

knees locked out the whole time. Now justwith your lower body, your legs, do a jumping jack movement. You don't have to use yourarms. Some people want to, but this is really just getting the motion down there. So thisjumping jack movement is going to take you backwards. So you can do backwards laps ifyou want to. Just start off with about 23 minutes again, and work your way up to about5 minutes. So the next exercise is going to be a scissor kick or cross country kick. Keepyour knees locked out again. Pull your toes up to help lock them out, and just go frontto back. Try not to bend those knees. Really stretch your legs front to back. Again, dothat for about 23 minutes. After you're done

with that, you do the fun part. Which is whatwe call hanging, but what I talk to you a lot about in other tutorials is the traction.So if you have some back pain, and your back's sore, this is a great way to get some tractionin your back. Relax your body. Let those legs hang down. Let the weights pull and put sometension on your back. The noodle will hold you up, and just relax. If you have the time,do that 810 minutes. Those were your deep water aquatic therapy exercises. If you haveany questions, leave them in the comments section. If you would like to check out someother tutorials, go to askjo . Don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.Remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you

feel better soon!.

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