How To Increase Jump Height Csgo

By | February 25, 2017

How to become pro in CS GO How to get better in cs go 2016 NEW

what's up guys Nymaisbro and today i'll be showing you how become a pro at cs go we're goingto go through seven tips in this tutorial please leave a like comment andsubscribe enjoy number one play the game I alotplaying lots of matchmaking deathmatch or maps from the community workshop likerecoil master to get better had guns recoils in game will improve your skillsin csgo by a lot tip number two fps make sure you getaround a hundred and twenty FPS in CSGO if you don't have a higher if I cantry to make a new tutorial for you guys if

if this tutorial gets lots of views likes but uhm top pro players say 120 FPS+ is the minimum you want to get in CSGO tip numberthree get used two guns don't switch betweenthe M4A4 and the M4A1s every time each weapon has a differentrecoil and the more you change it you wont let yourself get used to the guns have the opportunity to let yourselfcould use a gun you're playing with state stick to a weapon that you likeand you will get used to it , Tip number 4 watch pro players play watching pro csgo players play is a great way to learn new positions smokes or flashes or also whathighlevel your placing your crosshair it and

learning new game sence. number fire check your hardware makesure you get set up good mouse and mousepad you will noticethe difference in the game tip number six check your sensitivitythis is a very important step to have the best and most accurate is sensitivityfor you can make you very pro player tip number 7 warm up before playing many csgo players think they can directly jump ingame and be good but this is not true jump into deathmatch or somewhere to warm up yourself before playing a proper match, these were the

seven tips from me remember to enjoy thegame the rest will come back from itself thanks for watching please like commentand subscribe! :).

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