How Long To Jump Car Battery

By | January 23, 2017

How To Jump Start A Car Battery Advance Auto Parts

A: It was 20 below. I went to start my carand the battery was dead. There's nothing worse than that. B: I had an important meeting with the CEO.I went to go start my car, turned the key, and all I heard was, you know.I almost died. C: A dead car battery happens to the bestof us at the worst times. Fortunately, a quick jump start can bringa dead battery back to life. But, it's important to do it the right way. To properly jump start your car, the firstthing you want to do is park the

working vehicle close to the one that needsto be jumped, but don't let them touch. Next, shut off the ignition onboth cars. Be sure to turn off your lights, radio, and anything else thatcan drain power. To connect the jumper cables, connect thered positive clamp to the dead battery's positive post. You'll see a pluson the battery. Connect the other red clamp to the good battery. Makesure the cables don't dangle into either engine compartment, where they canget tangled onto moving parts. Now, connect the black negative clamp to theworking vehicle's negative

battery terminal. Once set, connect the othernegative cable to any unpainted metal surface on the engine of thedead car. Do a final check to make sure the cables are set and not nearany moving engine parts. Now, start the working car. Let it idle afew minutes to feed juice to the dead battery. When you think it's got enoughcharge, start the dead vehicle and let them idle together. Once the deadcar is running smoothly, disconnect the cables in reverse order. Becareful not to let the dangling cables fall into the engine compartment ortouch each other.

Finally, make sure you drive the revived vehiclesomewhere safe before shutting it off. And, remember, always carryjumper cables. It will save you and your battery the next time you getstranded.

How to Jump Start a Car How to Charge the Dead Car Battery

Hi! I'm Mark Blocker and in this segment weare going to discuss charging the vehicle. After connecting, I generally leave the vehicleon that I am jumping from. When I am jumping from another vehicle, I always leave the vehiclethat I am jumping from running because this keeps the charging system of that vehicleperforming and putting out energy. So instead of just jumping and pulling the necessaryenergy to start this vehicle, it is also starting to charge that battery back up. At this timeit would be a good idea to wait 5 to 10 minutes if you could to let this vehicle start chargingand build up some energy in the battery. You don't just jump it, get the vehicle running,disconnect and try to move on about your business

because you still have a dead battery. Ifyour vehicle stalls or dies, you want have any energy to start it again. You will haveto go through this jump procedure. By letting it charge for a few minutes it allows thebattery voltage to build up and you have some functioning voltage once the vehicle starts.Watch the next segment on starting the vehicle.

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