How Has The High Jump Evolved

Paul Ekman Outsmart Evolution and Master Your Emotions

One of the most amazing discoveries, it completelysurprised me, and that's what I like most in research is when you learn something youdidn't you were going to learn. That's very different from research where you prove somethingyou think you already know. You have to do that too 'cause maybe you were wrong, butwhen you discover something you didn't expect, that's really exciting. And what we discovered, published this morethan 20 years ago, made the front page of the New York Times. We didn't kill anybody.What it did was show that if you put on your face one of the universal expressions youwill turn on the physiology of emotion. You

will begin to experience that emotion. Sothe face is not simply a display system that tells you what's happening inside me. I canself generate any emotion by making the movements on my face. Now some of them are harder to make than others,and wouldn't you know it the one that's the hardest to make is the one that turns on enjoyment'cause a smile alone won't do it. You have to be able to activate one of the musclesaround the eyes and only about ten percent of the people we've tested can do it. We are just beginning to use this discoveryof how you can self generate emotion to teach

people how to become more aware of what they'refeeling at the moment they feel it. Because it is my belief and I want to underlinethe word belief 'cause I can't prove this it's my belief that the way in which emotionsevolved it was to deal with things like sabertoothed tigers. The current incarnation of which isthe car that's suddenly lurching at your car at a high speed. You don't have time to think. You have todo and make very complex decisions, think of what you do to avoid that car you makesplit seconds estimates of speed and angle and what you need to do with your feet andyour hands. And if you had to think about

what you were doing, you'd be dead. So it'sa system that evolved to deal with really important things without your thinking aboutit. So that means that sometimes you're goingto be very inconsiderate, very thoughtless, sometimes your emotions aren't going to fitthe situation and you're not even going to know it until someone says to you, quot;What areyou getting so upset aboutéquot; And you think, quot;Oh, my God. That's right. I'm really afraid.I don't know why. Maybe I shouldn't. Maybe I misunderstood the situation.quot; Well these exercises that we're giving people moving their facial muscles, concentrating

on the sensations that they then experienceto make them more aware of an emotion when it arises, so that they will feel it at themoment and then can say, quot;Did you really mean to ignore me when she put the toast on thetableé No. That was just an accident. Or maybe I shouldn't jump to the conclusion that shedoesn't care about me at all. And why doesn't she care about meéquot; That whole business, ittakes the way in which we can improve our emotional life is to introduce conscious awarenessinto the process and that will take practice and nature did not want you to do that soyou have to do it yourself.

Tips and Tricks for Monsters Evolve Tactics and Strategies to Win and Dominate More as a Monster

Tips and Tricks for Monsters Evolve Tactics and Strategies to Win and Dominate More as a Monster What is happening guys, Kris here and in thistutorial, Im gonna give you some tips and tricks for playing as the monster in Evolve, althoughyou may feel like a badass playing as the allpowerful monster, you still have to surviveand play tactically to win against those pesky hunters and hopefully Ill be able to helpyou out with some basic but important tips, that might just gain you that win.So the first tip is an obvious one if youre playing hunt, get the hell out of there, assoon as the match starts, youll have a few seconds to cover ground and get as far awayfrom the hunters as you can, here I find that

its best to get away as quick as possibleas the hunters will drop down and land, pretty close to where you start. If you want to usea sneaky tactic, you could use your footprints to lure the hunters in a specific direction,and then crouch to hide your footprints, and turn around sneaking off in the other direction,if you do this right the hunters will probably run off in the opposite direction to you atthe start of the round, giving you a big advantage and sending them off the wrong way.Another hint is to keep using your smell ability all the time, this gives you a huge boostof awareness on whether the hunters are close by and which direction you should be movingin to avoid them, it also shows you creatures

around that you can hunt and eat, and obstacleslike flocks of birds that should be avoided. You can use the smell ability as much as youwant, it doesnt run out, so dont be afraid to use it. This leads me onto my next pieceof advice, watch your back, keep checking behind you every now and then, especiallyif youve stopped to feed for a few seconds and you know the hunters are on your tail.All it takes is a quick pan of the camera, and the use of the smell ability and you caninstantly see if the hunters are close by, and if you can see the hunters, try and moveon before the tracker throws out a portable arena. Remember to crouch and sneak aroundoften, not only will this hide your footprints

and confuse the other players as to whereyou are, but itll also prevent flocks of birds from giving away your position.Make sure you make good use of high ground, lots of hunter players tend to stick withrunning around on the floor, just because, they dont have to use their jetpacks so muchwhen travelling around on lower parts of the map, use this in your favour, by stickingto the higher parts of the map, youre probably less likely to have your footprints seen bythe hunters, to follow them to your location, you can also escape hunters a lot quickertoo by using high ground, as you can climb a lot quicker than they can, they have towait for their jetpacks to refill, so they

can keep climbing after you, and this periodof time should allow you to escape, turn the terrain into an obstacle course for the hunters,another trick, if you know the hunters are close behind you, is to look for one of thelarger, more dangerous creatures like the tyrants that wait in the water, and basicallyjump over them and lead your footprints into a trap, if the hunters arent looking or aretoo busy chasing you, they might not see the tyrant or dangerous animal, and you mightbe able to get an easy kill or two by leading them into a trap, this method might not killthe hunters but itll definitely slow them down.As you travel around the map searching for

some quick meals to evolve, its best to gofor the medium sized creatures that give you a few points towards your armour and evolutionbar, smaller animals like the beetles will just slow you down as they only give you onepoint, and its not really worth the time or effort of hunting them down. Once youve gotto stage 2 evolution, go for some of the larger creatures, to get even more points towardsyour next evolution. Its always best to achieve the last evolution stage before taking onthe hunters, so id highly recommend eating enough wildlife and running away from thehunters in the earlier stages, its probably not even worth attacking them until you reachstage 3, just as this will slow you down and

How do Olympians keep improving

A lot of Olympic feats look nothing like they did a hundred years ago. The winner of the 2012 Olympic marathon ran it in two hours and eight minutes. He beat the 1904 winner by almost an hour and a half. And if the Jesse Owens of 1936 competed in the 2012 100m dash finals, he'd come in 8th. Olympic performances have improved gradually over time

for a couple different reasons. First, athletes keep getting better because training is getting more sportspecific and technologically advanced. Tools like biometric sensors and heartrate monitors and gyroscopes are helping athletes track their performances. And betterdesigned clothing and swimsuits, and lighter shoes are helping athletes shave seconds off their performances. Second, becoming an athlete has just become more lucrative,

because of sponsorships and prizes. In the past, most Olympic athletes had fulltime jobs outside of sports. But athletes at the top of their sport make more money now. Which means many of them are fulltime athletes who don't have to keep another job to pay the bills. There's also greater selfselection in who competes in what. Just like elite basketball players keep getting taller,

other athletes have become smaller. The average height of an elite female gymnast has gone from 5'3quot; to 4'9quot; over the last 30 years. The Olympics also includes more people now. Kenya, which has some of the world's fastest runners, only began participating in the Olympics in 1956. So, it's not quite true that the human race has just naturally evolved. Today's Olympic performances are pretty amazing,

especially compared to a hundred years ago. But it isn't us who have evolved. It's sports.

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