How Can Blake Griffin Jump So High

Report Blake Griffin Breaks Hand Hitting Member of Clippers Staff

What's up guys, for Complex News I'm AlexHudgens. My halfblackhalfginger brother Blake Griffinmay have landed himself in a bit of trouble this week after reportedly hitting a memberof the Clippers equipment staff. According to ESPN, Griffin fractured his righthand during an “undisclosed teamrelated incident.� He's been out of the actionsince just before Christmas with a torn quad, and this hand injury is expected to benchhim for a few more weeks, as opposed to a few days. The Clippers have been fine without Griffin,winning 11 of 14 games… however, they've

not played many teams that are a real challenge,*and* they've dropped 2 of 3 on their current road trip. Apparently, Blake is not happyabout it. The Raptors put up 44 points in the first16 minutes of the game against the Clips on Sunday, and would go on to win. After watchinghis team's poor performance, Griffin allegedly took out his frustration on a staff member. On Tuesday morning, SportsCenter anchor MichaelEaves tweeted, “Clippers forward Blake Griffin injured his right hand after hitting a memberof the team's equipment staff during an argument in Toronto.� “The altercationstarted in a restaurant. It proceeded outside

where Griffin hit the equipment staffer multipletimes.� The Clippers are expected to provide detailsabout the extent of Blake's injury today Doc Rivers says that the team will releasea statement prior to the team's game against the Pacers. Stay tuned. You know we'll keep you posted.For all of your sports news, subscribe to Complex on YouTube.

The Unbelievably Hilarious Amy Schumer

Why don't you move here, andthen you'd have a bigger placeé Do you like it hereé ButsighsI mean, I don't fit in herejust straight up body type. Like, in L.A.,my arms register as legs. They're just likelaughter laughter They're like,quot;Why is that octopus on Sunsetéquot;

quot;Is thatquot;laughter It's notit's not for me out here. Noé It's not, no. But Iyou know. What do you do whenyou're hereé I cry.I just sit in my room. laughterBawling. No, I

Well, last time I was here,right from the show, I got courtside ticketsto a Laker game. That's fun. Yeah, 'cause my my business agent thoughtI was mad at him for sexually harassing me. Well But no, I'm 33, so I'm just starting to reallyappreciate that, you know what I meané I see, I see.

Well, it's true.I can't speak for everyone. I'm not likequot;Sexually harassquot; but, in your 20s,I feel like you walk around like you'll walk pasta construction site, and be kind of like,quot;Oh, don't lookquot; But then, in your 30s, you know,I'm just like, quot;What about thiséquot;laughter quot;Like, how aboutquot;laughter

It's like my skirt's overmy head. I'm like, quot;Aah.quot;laughter They're like, quot;We're eating.quot; But, uhlaughter laughter It changes, it really does. It changes, soSo I got courtside seats, whichyou've sat courtsideat a game, righté

I have, yeah. I thoughtI went I thought it would befree booze. Um.laughter It's not, it's not.laughter I guess you have to be onthe team to get free booze. So. laughs I go, I get randomly seatednext to Dianna Agron. You know, the actress.She was on quot;Glee.quot;

How to Jump Higher for Volleyball Fast Way to Improve Vertical Jump How to Spike a Volleyball

Today we are just going to talk about verticaljump height and how to improve that number. It's a test that a lot of people get testedon when they go play their sports or go into combines and things like that. We are goingto work on how to improve that height. So I am going to bring in Morgan real quick.Morgan is going to give us a demonstration of a vertical jump. Ah, it's basically a squatjump but just picture that she is testing on a vertical jump and then we'll talk abouttraining progressions and how we are going to go ahead and work on improving that. SoMorgan, just stand tall. When you are ready just squat and get up into the air. Alrightgood. So, it looks pretty simple. She is squatting,

she is jumping up in the air. But we are goingto break this down and we are going to work on improving it. We are going to break itdown into 3 different segments. First we are going to talk about her ability to load properlyor decelerate. She is going to start tall. Too many times athletes have a hard time withthis jump because they can't load their body properly. So usually it is a posture thingor they don't have the mechanics to go ahead and load properly. So we are going to watchMorgan go ahead and just load into a solid base. Load, good. So out of this positiona lot of times what athletes have a hard time doing is that knees will cave in. So, kneescave in and I lose glut activation. I will

lose force, I will lose energy when I go aheadto jump. Go ahead and turn to the side real quick Morgan. This is a good upper body. Sostart tall and go ahead and load. A lot of times athletes will have this sort of roundedback so I am leaking a lot of energy once again into that low back. That will resultin poor performance when I go ahead to jump. One of the biggest things we see too is whenthey load, they will go ahead and load her anterior. Meaning they jump with all theirweight going forward and their heels will be off the ground. So she is going to load,her heels are off the ground. We can see lack of stability here obviously. She is goingto have a hard time getting up in the air

because she is unstable. Also, she is loadingthe knee. Go ahead and drop back down for me. She is loading the knees a lot; not backhere to the hips. This is her powerhouse. All her power comes from right here but sheis loading through there. So once again, not a good source of power production or forceproduction. We want to go load through there. So real quick: Morgan, once again start tall.She is going to load into a nice solid stable base. So now she is ready, she is loaded throughthe hips and she is ready to get up in the air. Go ahead and relax Morgan. So a lot oftimes, we see athletes have a hard time loading properly and they have already lost heightand power from their jump. Just from simply

how they are loading improperly. OK, so nowwe have gotten that down and Morgan is able to load properly. So go ahead and load properly.She is down and she is ready to jump. So once she has this down, now we are going to workon her ability to reaccelerate up. So she is loaded, she is stable, she is ready toproduce force, now go ahead and jump up into the air. Because of that stable position,because of that good posture and good kinetic chain of alignment throughout her body thatwe are looking at here, she is able to get up into the air quickly, aggressively andwith power. Righté Because that is what we need her to do. Once she is stable, then getup quick. Go ahead and do another one real

quick Morgan. As she reaccelerates, it isour chance now to basically work on her hip extension and triple extension through thebody but primarily here. Her jumping production comes from here once again. So it is flexedand then go ahead and reach, jump up in the air extended, that is where that power comefrom. And that is going to add inches onto that vertical height. So we worked on herability to go ahead and load her hips. We worked on her ability to reaccelerate andget up into the air quickly, and bring her hips through. But now we have to put it alltogether, righté Because when she does her vertical jump on her test, she starts tall,she loads and gets up into the air. So go

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