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Felix Baumgartners supersonic freefall from 128k Mission Highlights

Release! I know the whole world is watching now… I'm going home now. Jumper away. Speed 725. Showing Felix at a stable descent. And Felix is back down to Earth safely. The new world record holder.

5 People Who Actually Jumped From Space

5 People Who Actually Jumped From Space 5.Joseph Kittinger Joseph William Kittinger is a retired Colonelin the United States Air Force and a USAF Command Pilot.Following his initial operational assignment in fighter aircraft, he participated in ProjectManhigh and Project Excelsior in 1960, setting a world record for the longest skydive froma height greater than 31 kilometres. He was also the first man to make a solo crossingof the Atlantic Ocean in a gas balloon. Joe Kittinger made history as he ascendedto 102,800 feet in a highaltitude balloon

and jumped to Earth, setting four world records.Of the jumps from Excelsior, Kittinger said: quot;There's no way you can visualize the speed.There's nothing you can see to see how fast you're going. You have no depth perception.If you're in a car driving down the road and you close your eyes, you have no idea whatyour speed is. It's the same thing if you're free falling from space. There are no signposts.You know you are going very fast, but you don't feel it. You don't have a 614mph windblowing on you. I could only hear myself breathing in the helmet.quot; 4. Eugene Andreev

Eugene Andreev was a colonel in the SovietAir Force. Andreyev set an official record for the longestdistance freefall parachutejump on 1 November 1962, which the Guinness Book of Records put at 24,500 meters.The record was previously held by Joseph Kittinger, but was stabilized by a drogue parachute.Andreyev was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union for his feat.On 1 November 1962, Eugene Andreev jumped from an altitude of 25,458 m over the Sovietcity of Volsk. Opening his parachute at 958 m. He covered a record distance of 24,500m in freefall. 3. Nick Piantanida

Nicholas John Piantanida was an American amateurparachute jumper who reached 123,500 feet with his Strato Jump II balloon on February2, 1966, flying a manned balloon higher than anyone before.Nick Piantanida, a truck driver from New Jersey with a dangerous appetite for highrisk adventure;but with little experience or training; cobbled together sponsorship money, wangled a spacesuit with the help of a U.S. senator and assembled a team of volunteers for an attempt at theworld freefall record. Strato Jump launched perfectly on May 1, 1966,climbing past 50,000 feet without any problems. Everyone was relaxed, excited even. This wasgoing to work. And then, it didn't. Ground

control heard what was generally describedas a quot;whooshquot; of rushing air, a cutoff call over the radio and the deployment of an emergencyparachute. When the ground crew found Piantanida 26 minutes later, he was barely conscious.When he arrived at the , he had already lapsed into a coma.Piantanida suffered brain damage from a lack of oxygen and he died four months later atthe Veterans in Philadelphia. 2. Felix Baumgartner Felix Baumgartner is an Austrian skydiver,daredevil and BASE jumper. He broke skydiving records for exit altitude, vertical freefalldistance without drogue, and vertical speed

without drogue.Felix, born April 20, 1969, grew up in Salzburg, Austria where he dreamed of skydiving andflying helicopters and was inspired by astronauts on TV. He made his first skydive at the ageof 16. Eager to test the limits, Felix set a recordfor history's lowest BASE jump from Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer statue, twiceset world records for the highest BASE jump from Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and Taipei101 tower, and even landed his canopy inside a cave in Croatia.He set world records for skydiving an estimated ' km, reaching an estimated speed of 1,357.64kmh on 14 October 2012, and became the first

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