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By | February 26, 2017

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Wheelz Bob Burnquists Dreamland

So yeah, I have this big,huge ramp in my backyard, and you gotta want to test yourself. A lot of people want to come jump it. The latest wasAaron quot;Wheelzquot; in a wheelchair. Man, I don't even know what to say.That thing is scary. –Hey Bob!–What's up, Aaroné –How are you doing, mané–You made it! –Nice, dude, stylin' with the chair.–Aw, thanks, man.

How are you doing, budé –I'm good, how are youé–Yeah, man. This is straight up.This is it, dude. This is the next step for “Wheelzâ€�. Oh man! What have I got myself intoé –Well, you drove here.–I know, I drove here. –Like, no one forced me to drive here.–Yeah. To me, the whole purpose of lifeis to progress and to learn,

and to have funwhile you're doing it if you can. Oh, yeah!Oh, my gosh. This is Bob's Dreamland. What's wrong with Bob's dreamsé I'm going to waitfor you down there, all righté Okay. Thanks for leaving me! –Thanks, buddy.–Make it happen. You know, I guess the longerI'm up here, the longer I'm scared.

No guts, no glory.No guts, no glory. I've been waiting too long, huhé Are you all righté –Dude, good thing you had that!–My back hurts. –You landed on the knuckle.–That knuckle is a jerk. I'm just a little scared to move. Aaron found out we needed more speed.He figured it out for himself. I didn't help him there.We really thought that was it.

–That was all him.–Wow, dude. Breaking news, if thiswasn't scary yesterday, it is today. So yeah, “Wheelz� is back for day two. We found out he needed more speed. All the things were adjustedand he's ready to go. –He's going the distance!–He's going to go for speed. Skating the mega ramp, yeah,it's serious because you can go down and you can get hurt,like skating anything.

It's all about balancingthat feeling and keep it light, and it's not as serious,and life is a lot more fun. The same with the mega ramp.It's a better way to deal with it. Wheelz, you got it, righté Okay! You only live once so you'dbetter make the best of it, righté Hot Wheelz! I don't know why I'm taking so long.

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