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How to Whip Small Jumps on a MTB

So you want to throw huge whips like prosdo over giant tables and doubles, but you're riding small jumps like these. While it's not easy to throw huge whipsover small jumps, you can make the most of them. Today, I'm going to show you how. First of all, you'll need a jump with a separatelip and landing, like a tabletop or a double. You'll also need to be adept at jumping already,since throwing a nice whip means making it look easy.

Most mountain bike trails have things youcan launch off of but that doesn't mean they're ideal for whips. A purpose built jump with a landing is whatyou're looking for. Since small jumps only provide limited airtime,you'll need to boost it as high as you can. Whips require a lot of time in the air ifyou want to make them look stylish. If you can't boost jumps yet, watch some tutorialsand practice before moving on. Learn to jump smoothly, or make it down thetransition without slamming your bike or your rear wheel.

Sometimes this means landing a little noseheavy which we'll get back to in a minute. Now, you want to experiment with leaning toone side when you take off. If you'rean experienced jumper you'll naturally try to compensate by bringing your front wheelstraight again. This is a good thing, and it's the key todoing a whip. Throwing a whip starts with taking off atan angle, and the rest of it is bringing your bike back to hit the landing. What you'll end up with is this squirmingmotion like you see here.

Tweaking this out is how you get a nice whip. Now it becomes apparent that you can't alwaysland totally straight, and this is okay most of the time. Since your rear wheel might still be kickedout a bit when landing, you want to keep your weight off of it until you're rolling away. I find it useful to land a little bit noseheavy so that the front wheel—the one that's straight, takes the brunt of the landing. This makes your whip look smoother and morenatural.

And that's the point of a whip; to look smoothand bad ass. Even a barely perceivable whip done smoothlylooks better than a huge whip done sloppily, in my opinion. In any action sport, you could define quot;stylequot;as making things look easy. Everyone has their own style, and no two riderswill whip or do anything the same. Even if you're not throwing giant tweakedout whips, you can work on making your current whips look smoother, which is really the importantpart. Now for some tips.

When you're learning, increase your tirepressure so your crooked landings don't result in flat tires. Also, like any type of jump tricks, you shoulddrop your saddle way lower than usual. Most people will feel comfortable whippinga certain way, so if you find a jump that's hips in that direction it actually makes ita little easier to land smoothly. If you're catching your rear wheel hardon landings, try tilting your bike more, and pushing your rear out less. Do you guys have any tips for whipping smalljumpsé

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