Highest Jump Nfl Combine

By | January 15, 2017

People Try To Catch Passes From An NFL Quarterback

(heavy rock music) I'm gonna throw passes tojust some regular old Joes today who think it's easy tocatch an NFL football. I'm a huge football nut. I watch college football all day. I watch NFL football all day. I was a receiver in high school. I did grow up in a football family.

My sister was married to a Dallas Cowboy. I'm from Oklahoma. I grew up going to footballevery Friday night. I played four yearsof high school football, flag football in the eighth grade. I was the MVP of my team. One year of Pop Warner. Won my fantasy football league twice.

And I do CrossFit. I played football in high school for a couple years, varsity. I was a tight end, receiver. I played four yearsof high school football. I got recruited to playDivision III football. Warren Moon was the onlynonwhite quarterback, when I was growing up, in the NFL.

And not only that, he wasone of the best quarterbacks in the NFL so he was myfavorite quarterback. I'm so stoked to betrying to catch a pass from Warren Moon. He was the best and hethrew the prettiest football. I am from Seattle, Warren Moon went to U. Dub, he's a commentator forthe Seattle Seahawks.

So, do I think I can catcha pass from Warren Mooné I do. group together One, two, three. Woo hoo! I don't know how outofshape I am but this is gonna be fun. (crowd groans) OK. we're gonna go from the ten

and we're gonna run a fade. This is it, the big touchdown. I'm a little scared ofhim launching footballs right at my face. If anyone out of thisbunch is gonna catch a pass from Warren Moon it's gonna be me. (crowd groans) I don't think he was used to my speed

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