Highest Jump Into Kiddie Pool

By | January 17, 2017

The Worlds BIGGEST Orbeez Crush Tank Challenge Official Orbeez

Orbeez Girls Presents. One, Two, Three! World's Biggest Orbeez Crush Tank! You asked for it we're giving it to you! Over 3 million Orbeez CRUSHED! Stacked layer by beautiful layer! To form the largest Orbeez Crush tank EVER! What are you waiting for girlsé! Get in!

Oh my gosh! (girls laughing) (laughing) Feels like memory foam! Yeah from memory foam pillows! It feels like candy! This is so COOL! I can leave my hand mark! I'm not even sitting on anything but like there's something holding me! I'm sinking in but it's like floating sinking at the same time! It's so cool! I thought Orbeez Orbeez Crush would feel alike, but they are WAY different!

I bet I can find some different colors! Readyé Set. Go! OHHHHHHH! That's so cool! Whoa! I got some green! I got green, orange, and yellow! Oh! Ready, set, go! It's so hard to pull it out! It's like swimming in jello.with layers! Or like.frosting! This is so awesome! Yeah! I got a little bit of yellow!

Oh I got some yellow too! Oh I got some yellow! That's the deepest layer so far! Wait, there's unfound treasures! The blue is at the bottom! (laughing) I got this! I got more blue! Okay readé (laughing) I can't go any deeper Dang!

This is so much!!! Ah, you got my knee! Ooh wait, give me your hand! Orbeez Crush hand massage! Oh! That's a good idea! Readyé Aw that feels so cool! So cool.get some blue. GREEN!

Ahhhhh! Whoa! This is super cool but I think we need a little more crush! Ready set crush! Great idea Cassidy, but I think we need more Orbeez! Teeter Totter! There we go! Where did we get this ideaé

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