Highest Jump Into A Pool


What is going on, fellow members of the joogsquad happy fathers day to all the dad's out there probably not too many! but there's a few voice from behind I'm a Dad I'm here with edwin and turner a lot of you guys have beenrequesting us to go onto the trampoline and jump off of it into the pool so wehave it right here next to the pool and we're going to do an assortment ofinsane

stupid stuff I don't get hurt again thisis gonna end up and you always get hurt everything that we filmed so yeahwhatever . you guys find this awesome or if one of us gets hurt give it a big thumbs up and we willreally appreciate that oh thanks for coming on Father's Day todo is close close on fathers all happy fathers day you don't want to watch her ourselves Ifigured that'd be the perfect present ok we can hurt ourselves this is gonnasuck i'm going to do some double triple

quadruple flips you guys have any ideaswhat we should do with the trampoline let us know everything about maybeputting it on the roof and jumping off the roof off the trampoline into thepool you put in the tree that would be sickand we should we should put her right before the tree right here to zip lineoff the tree land on the trampoline into the pool yeah we do that is it time to hurtourselves yeah

scramble the roof we will travel intothe pool yeah and yeah yeah wooooaahh yeah yeah

yeah on your fucking head off you should wait till you hear the allthe camera swing did it don't be a mr. up there was solid yeah yeah what time it was yeah

yeah awesome and brilliant very nice and brave jump bro really Oh My God don't do it we'll throw a little leg in this

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