High Jump Technique Phases

By | January 22, 2017

Track Field Drills The Running Phase of Running

Hi, I'm Jabari Pride, welcome back to ExpertVillage .O.k., we just talked about the Drive Phase and now we're going to talk about the RunningPhase. O.k., you can't drive, your Drive Phase can't last 100 meters, if you're running a100 you can't drive for 100 meters. I mean it would be awesome if we could but it's justnot possible. So pretty much your Drive Phase is the first 30 meters from about 30 metersto 60 meters, you're pretty much trying to hold your top acceleration for as long asyou can and from 60 meters on, the winner is pretty much the person that's deceleratingthe slowest. Sometimes it looks like people are pulling away and they are running faster,they're not speeding up they are just slowing

down less than the other person. So here'swhat the running phase looks like which is from about 30 meters to about 60 meters. Soas you're coming out of your Drive Phase, you've got your head down, the head startsto come up and it's almost like you're doing the High Knee or the Marching High Knee drillthat we were doing earlier. So it's really going to be like your classic just runningmotion. So your Running Phase is your classic running motion coming out of your Drive Phase.So here's what it's going to look like (demonstration). So that's the Running Phase coming out ofthe Drive Phase.

Track Field Drills The Lift Phase of Running

Hi, I'm Jabari Pride, welcome back to ExpertVillage .O.k., we just went over the Running Phase, now we're going into the Lift Phase. So youhad your start, you came out from your starting position. You had your Drive Phase, it's whenyou're driving through the first 30 meters, really building up your power building upthat acceleration. You come out of the Drive Phase into your Running Phase and that's whenyou're focusing on your form and making sure you're just keeping everything just as smoothas you possibly can. Now after the Running Phase comes the Lift Phase. As your body,your muscles are to fill up with you know, the acid, the burning feeling you feel inyour legs, the tendency for athletes is to

have their knees come up lower and lower andlower and lower until they just can't run anymore. So this is called the Lift Phasebecause you really think about really lifting those knees as you're coming out of the RunningPhase. O.k.,é So the Lift Phase is going to keep your, you're decelerating but you'redecelerating slower than everybody else next to you if you have a strong Lift Phase. Sothe Lift Phase coming out of the Running Phase is going to look pretty much the same butyour knees just aren't going to come up as high as they were because you know, obviouslyyou're much more tired than you were before. So here's the Lift Phase coming out of theRunning Phase. (demonstration) It pretty much

looks the same but as you saw as I was slowingdown my run, I really had to focus more on lifting my knees and trying to get that ankleup and over that knee, the opposite knee as I was running. So that is the Lift Phase comingout of the Running Phase.

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