High Jump Rubber Bands

By | September 16, 2017

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Hey loves! I have a little bit different tutorialfor you today. If you follow me on instagram then you may already know that I moved apartmentrecently. And since I moved the apartment I didn't have time to do anything else.Like I didn't have time to film DIY tutorials that take so much time to prepare, film andedit. So today I decided to do something a little bit different and a little bit special.Remember when I posted my DIY band bracelets tutorial, I showed you a bunch of tricks thatyou can do with bands and so many of you asked me if I could film a tutorial on how to do thosetricks. Well, we're doing this today. Make sure to stick till the end because I havesomething special that I want to open with

you, but first let's go on to the band tricks. So for this first trick you need a largerband like this one. And it's also good if is a little bit flat. You can see that thisone is a little bit flat. It's much easier to work with this kind of band than with aband that would be all rounded. So what you want to do is: you take your band with yourleft hand and you kind of put it together like this on one side. Then you do the sameon the other side with your other hand and then you just kind of want to go around andconnect these two ends. You want to hold both ends with one hand. So I'm going to hold bothends with my pointer and thumb of my left

hand. I'm going to connect these two endsand hold it like this. So what you want to do now is pull the band with your right handvery tightly. You can hear that noise, it seems like the elastic is torn.You can sayquot;oh my elastic is torn nowquot;, but since I am a magician I'm going to fix that. What youwant to do now is connect the two ends again and again hold it in one hand. I'm gonna holdit between my thumb and pointer of my left hand. So I'm going to go back with the righthand like this and you say quot;wait for it, I'm gonna fix it nowquot; and now you grab just oneend of the band and you pull it away. And the band is fixed! Woohoo!

The next trick is super easy to make and isactually one of my favorite. The only thing you need is a small elastic like this one.You want to begin by sticking the pointer and the middle finger through the band looplike this. That's what you want to have right now. Then, you're going to stretch the elasticwith your right hand and you're going to stick all these four fingers inside this loop. Youwant to have the elastic between your nails and the first knuckle. Like this. The onlything left to do now is that you open your hand like this and the elastic will automaticallyjump from these two fingers on these two fingers! How cool is that!é So when you're doing thistrick you want to do it very quickly. Especially

the part when you stick four fingers insidethat loop. Like here. You want to do this very quickly so that the person that you'reshowing this to doesn't even notice that you're doing something on the other side of yourhand. So you just put the elastic on and put all four fingers inside the loop. and release.Voila, that's how simple this one is and so cool! You can take this trick even further by takingagain a small elastic like before, but also a bigger one like this one. You want to startas before by sticking your pointer and the middle finger through the band loop like this.But then you want to say quot;to prevent that

the elastic will jump from these two fingerson these two fingers, I'm going to make a barrier with the yellow elasticquot;. So you'regoing to wrap the elastic around your fingers like this. That's what you want to have rightnow. Then you just want to repeat the same steps as we did before. So you want to stretchthe pink elastic with your right hand, stick all four fingers inside that loop and makesure that the elastic is above the nails and below the first knuckle. And now we just wantto open our hand like this, voila, the elastic has again jumped from these two fingers onyour pinky and your ring finger. It's pretty amazing, I don't even know how it does that,but it's awesome!

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