High Jump Mod Minecraft 147

Minecraft Command block Jump Speed boost

Why is it so darkéé give (your minecraft name) 137 effect @p 1(effect) 100(how long it will last) 10(how insane it is) effect @p 8(effect) 100(how long) 5(how insane it is) POP! POP!.

NEW BOATS AND WINGSUITS Elytra Minecraft Snapshot 15w41b

Hello everyone my name is the syberius and todaywe're looking at the new snap shocks this snapshot is very very cool you guysgonna like this so the Thursday lemme get into friendly you the first thing isthe new boats we got a new boat and these are all the icons and there's acase dark oak jungle burge spruce and oak just a regular guy right there yougot all those new boats and this is the new crafting recipe and I will show youguys do you come in here in this like this just like you would a regular aboutthat you take a wooden shovel and place it in the centre ok so apparently darcodoes not work that's that's great that's

probably a bug or something but let's goto sit out and also the mechanics on the boat are a little bit different so whatyou can do now you can't turn and move at the same time it's it's it's kind ofhard to get used to this is how you present D you move that one and it turnsyou to the left is opposite and it's a new movie to the right see that's how like a real belt worksand if you hold both of them down you'll go straight so it's a little bitdifferent you can turn it kinda is kinda hard to get used to

after you get the hang of it is quitefun and it's a lot more snow than a regular both let's see what happens ifwe crash doesn't break we have a new passenger and then let's turn around anddidn't done and go straight it is quite cool and can go backwards I want to know andWS don't do anything so I think you have to use that in turn on then it's ait's a little weird getting used to but yeah that's cool those are the new birthlet's test out like a different kind has come over here and let's grab the darkerone place down there and get in so you

gotta turn around that and then goforward cool I really like how the animationworks and looks very very nice site so I think that's it for the boats it's quitecool go check it out make a tutorial on if you want more timeand you got a little bit slower I notice you can break it alright that's happenedto the end ok guys we are in the end and thisthere's I gotta say this edition is very long time I don't know what happenedhere but anyways let's go down so you find this thing in the end with this bigpurchases are as it were by the ship is

the centerpiece so if you go down hereis quite true greatness so if you come down here at this what are you doinghere let's grab their ego else do you know that these are guys do you knowwhat these are just too let's go outside and I'll show you this is that wingsuitcan you believe it wingsuit in Minecraft so how do youactivate it you just jump off it takes a second to catch in but then you can lookat that oh my gosh this is so cool I've alwayswanted to win rafts man that is amazing do you drivearound you can't go up at all just fly

and then you'll slowly glide down a sortof like to hang glider and that one model number yeah let's go up and try toget in first person this time look at it is a nickel and it's called ultra and itjust goes into your chest plate spot and yeah here let's go into survival too soI can show you get this food and don't mind that 52 levels just don't worryabout it I'm floating ok look that great so once this limitation this stops falland then I'll become going to flight no yeah a look at that is pretty cool toogreat way to travel look at this very very cool the only badpart is if you're like let's see if you

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