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Game Theory How Deadly is Super Marios Bullet Bill

No, no, oh God (begins sobbing) No!!(sobs more) Oh my God whyyyy!! This is scarier than that husky girl in 7th grade gym class!! Hold up Will this thing really hurt meé Game Theory intro plays Hello Internet welcome to Game Theorywhere I'm happy to say we're finally out of our blue period! Look! No hot button issuesin the title, no critiques of gamers or the gamingindustry, no sales charts, or serious music, and no

PewDiePie. Well there he was but he won'tbe back for the duration of episode. Leaving us with just our favoritesociopath and a ridiculous question that can't actually be solved realistically butwe're gonna try to anyway because this is Game Theory damn it and we're back! So question ofthe day just how effective of a bullet isMario's Bullet Billé This actually came in from the GameTheorists reddit page and when I first saw the post I instantly knew it hadbecome an episode. Loyal theorists

RumblezMan (Rumblezmin and ROFLicious (Rowflicious) did a ton of work to come upwith their versions of the answer and so now it's my job to analyze thedata give my take on whether Bullet Williams really live up to their name orif they're just a bunch of projectile posers. To do that we need to know the forcethat Bullet Bill O'Reilly is packing. But first we have to know the scale ofthe Mushroom Kingdom using Mario's height. I've calculated itbefore as 4 foot 8 inches in my two

most controversial tutorials. Ha ha yeah right. Boobs and Sonic. The thingis in that calculation i used Super Smash brawl which has inconsistentscaling across its characters as many and I mean many quot;diligentquot;and quot;helpfulquot; commenters are always eager toremind me. So refinding Mario's height shouldn't be aproblem, except for one thing. Mario fluctuates in size and not justwhen he has a mushroom either. It varies game to game his relative sizeto bowser; always changing. In the jump

from 3d to 2d change, main series games What are you doing get that out of here. We don't acknowledge that game'sexistence. It's ridiculous! We can prove the guy has antisocial personalitydisorder and that his girlfriend has Stockholm Syndrome but we can't tell howfreakin tall he is! (sigh). It's a bug up my butt. Well let's try a different tactic. Whynot compare Mario's height to someone consistent someone with a height that'seasy to prove, someone who starred in one of the worst games of all time Kazaam! We're talking Shaq! What youdidn't know about Mario's cameo

appearance in Shaq Fué Of course youdidn't it doesn't exist! I'm talking about NBA Street V III for thegamecube where Shaquille O'Neal himself can go toetotoe with Mario quot;White Men Can't Jump Manquot; Mario playing the old round ball. If Mario isn't scaled to real size herewell that just wouldn't make a lick of sense. Shaq IRL stands at 7 foot 1inchor 2.16 metres. Comparing the two using the power of math puts Mario at4 foot 6 inches or 1.' meters. Fiiinally Shaquille O'Neal does somethinguseful in a tutorial game but seriously

Portable kicker ramp for BMX or MTB

In another tutorial we built a kicker ramp witha little down slope for beginners. That ramp now lives at Virginia Key Mountain Bike Parkin Miami, right next to the teeter totter. It works exactly as designed, and the kidslove it. This ramp will live a happy life, and teach many riders how to get air for thefirst time. If you haven't seen the tutorial on that ramp,check the description for a link. People have been asking me to build a biggerramp, but that's not going to happen until I have a place to put one. Even the last rampwas a pain to haul around. If I had a place to put a bigger ramp, I'd probably be buildinga dirt jump as we speak. In fact, what I really

need is a smaller ramp that I can bring places.This would get far more use, and be an important prop in future tutorials. Let's build one rightnow. We're buying one sheet of plywood becausethat's the minimum amount we can get. We're going to have a ton of wood left over. Becausethis ramp is small enough to bring indoors or leave in the trunk of a car, I don'tneed pressure treated plywood or stainless hardware. James is here to help me again, and to makesure that we're following all safety precautions. First we'll trace the sides of the rampon the plywood. It's 3 feet long, 12 inches

high, and has a downslope 6 inches from theend. This sloped part looks useless, but it's there to stabilize the ramp and keep it fromflipping forwards when you hit it going fast. To trace a nice mellow curve, we'll usethe PVC pipe method. This bend should give us a pretty serious pop, without being toosteep for mountain bike wheels. Now that we're done tracing, we'll cut out the shape witha jigsaw. Tracing another piece from the first one will ensure that both sides are identical. With a chop saw, we'll make our 16 inchcross bars from this 2x4. These will be fastened to the sides with deck screws to create theframe of the ramp. To cut our surface, we

need to measure the curve, and add a coupleof inches to the end. With a flexible ruler, this is an easy task. As is the case withplywood, it bends easily and stays in place with screws. A little sanding, and our portablekicker ramp is ready to ride. As you can see, we've barely used any wood compared to ourlast project. Time to go for a ride. I actually don'tknow many BMX tricks, but maybe this ramp will give me the opportunity to learn some. This ramp turned out so lightweight, thatI can carry it on my bike fairly easily. With a bike trailer, transport would be even easier.This gives us the opportunity to make any

downslope into a landing, so I'll be keepingmy eyes open for more places to set this up. If you want to build this ramp I think it'seasy enough by just looking at what we did here, but I left some basic measurements inthe description. Yours can be longer, wider, or steeper, but I think that this size isa pretty nice balance for portability. If you've already built the last ramp, or evena ramp influenced by the tutorials on this channel, hashtag it so we can all admire it. Betteryet, post a tutorial clip! SBHramp Thanks for riding with me today, and I'llsee you next time.

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