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By | January 31, 2017

Chinese man jumps to his death after shopping fight with girlfriend

Ancient Chinese proverb say your girlfriendspend all your money at the Golden Eagle mall, you go kill yourself. Well, it goes something like that. A Chineseman in Xuzhou was shopping with his girlfriend when he decided to call it quits, literally.�  Eyewitnesses say the 38yearold could beheard telling his girlfriend that he already had more bags than he could carry, but sheinsisted on getting some new kicks. He replied that she already had enough shoes,more than she could wear in a lifetime and it was pointless buying any more.�

This caused his girlfriend to flip out andstart shouting at him and accusing him of being cheap and ruining Christmas. The argument ended when the boyfriend threwall the bags on the floor and climbed over a 1.5m rail alongside an elevator shaft andjumped. The man hit Christmas decorations on his waydown before hitting the floor seven stories below causing shoppers to scatter. Police say the incident is still under investigationand are looking for the girlfriend. In retrospect, maybe he should have just broken up with her.Or was she really that annoyingé

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