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By | December 26, 2016

How To Cycle On The Rollers Indoor Bike Training With Rochelle Gilmore

The most important thing when you're setting your rollers up is to find a really flat, smooth surface, and make sure that the rollers are not moving.Next thing that you have to look at is the length of the rollers. The correct length will be a little bitlonger than the front axle, so if you've got thebike on like this, and here's the front axle, you want the rollers to be just a little bit longer. Wellthe most important thing when you're

learning is make sure that you do havetwo things on either side of you, whether it be a friend on either side ora doorway is really useful because if you've got your bike in the doorway you can keep your hands on the handlebars and lean on the doorway with your hips or with your shoulders, so a doorway is the most ideal. Otherwise,two things on either side, like chairs, are very handy. The process of getting onto the rollers first to check what gear you're in. anywhere near the middle of the rear cassette is the best place to be,

in the big ring or the little ring, itdoesn't really matter but not too easy, not too hard, so find one of those gears inthe middle. And then it's a little bit of a tricky process to get on the rollers. I always put the pedal at the bottom and put the first foot into the pedal here. And then it'sall about the angle and the balancing of the bike. So I use this hip to rest on my seat like that something close, and just clip in and try not to keep the bike upright, just let it go in the

angle that feels most comfortable and then swing your leg over like that. So once you've clipped both of your feet into the pedals and you're holding onto something, you might be in a doorway so you can lean your shouldersagainst the doorway but if you're holding on to the stool, the firstthing is to look one metre in front of you and just remember that. There's probably three things to remember, that's: look one metre in front of you, keep your hands loose on the handlebars, and keeppushing on the pedals, because the moment you take the pressure off the pedals

the wheel starts to move like that. So look one metre in front of you, push through your hips, and keep your hands really loose on the handlebars. Try not to steer. The first thing you're going to feelwhen you start to pedal is that the handlebars and the wheel isgoing everywhere over the rollers. The harder you push on the pedals, the more that will start to go straight. So just keep focussed on that point 1 metre in front, and when you get wobbly, maybe just push a little bit harder

on the pedals. If you have 10 gears on the rear cassette, I personally do just 1 minute in each gear, so it gets harder and harder, so that's 10 minutes, so you pick a certain cadence, and you just stay at that same cadence which means when the gear gets harder every time the load gets more, so keep the same cadence. I think for a beginner, 30 minutes istoo much, because then two 2 minute efforts would be enough with 3 or 4 minutes recovery, and that would bethe whole session, then it's just a bit of a warm down

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