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Extensive Riven Lesson by Boxbox Combos Animation Cancel and wallhops

So to do the fast combo you need to attack a minion or attack something Oh god, it's complicated. There's a lot of small instructions that are key So Riven's Q can be used as an auto attack reset. sorta of you can attack something and then Q and then move. You can attack sooner than normal. I don't know what the formula is but you definitely can attack a bit faster than normal

One of the keys is to Q onto your target not like through them I'll show what I mean by that So normally you can press Q without your mouse on the target Riven will go forward but if you're next to a target and you Q on them (mouse hover target) she will Q in place. That's important because that cuts out animation time So you can get your next attack faster So if I mouse over this minion I will Q onto it. If I don't mouse onto it I will Q through it. That's really important. So you need to keep mousing onto your target and off

So the fast combo should look like this It's not actually that fast the key is that it's faster than normal Because I have 0.71 attack speed which is very slow I would definitely not be able to attack that fast I'll show you guys the fast combo really quick Hopefully I can do it better on these jungle camps. It's mostly good on jungle camps If you ever play jungle you will have a lot of time to practice

So watch how fast this combo is normally. This I won't use any fancy mechanics or anything like that I'll just press Q as soon as my attack finishes So pay attention how fast that was. I have .63 attack speed. It's not fast at all And then watch how much fast I can make it. It won't be that much faster but it will be noticeable hopefully Watch how much faster it will be when I use the fast combo properly I actually canceled it once it's hard but you can practice it and you can get it faster but

the faster you try to do it. The higher your changes of screwing up and canceling an auto are and as a result dealing less DPS(damage per second) when I first found out about this mechanic I did a bunch of testing recording with fraps and figuring how long it took me to perform each combo In case you guys are wondering it's like a 25% increase in attack speed I don't know how many attack speed I had at the time but I measured a normal combo would take 3 seconds

It took about 3 seconds. With the fast combo I got it down to 2.4 seconds which can be a lot. That's like 1 auto. In the heat of the moment that can matter a lot To go over really quick one more time. In the fast combo you need to Auto attack, Q, click backwards or click somewhere and then repeat over and over again So I'll do it really slowly Ok. That didn't look very clean at all actually. I'm sorry that was not helpful. I'll just do it fast Now that you know the process

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