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By | January 15, 2017

Game Theory Surviving the Assassins Creed Leap of Faith

Jumps from a building. Lands in a haystack.Gets up fine. Does it all again. Ezio's free.Free fallin'. But can he surviveéHello Internet. Welcome to Game Theory. Tom Petty I ain't. A few months ago, I did an episodeon Assassin's Creed, looking at whether memories can be passed through genes. It was a goodone. It even taught me a couple of things, like the fact that one gigabyte doesn't actually equal 1000 megabytes.Who knew that THAT would be something I would have to look upé! Well a lot of you did, actually. Butsince then, a bunch of loyal theorists have been asking in the comments for a Leap ofFaith episode, so here we are. Topic of the

day: Could the Ass Creed clan actually survivetheir famous leaps of faithé No. But hey, that's just a theory. A Game Theory. Thanksfor watching! Seriously, though, your odds of walking casuallyaway from an Assassin's Creed fall are slim. Far from impossible, but slimmer than a.a.SlimKirbyéI don't know. I can't always think of clever similes, okayé Medical journals generallysay that a fall from any height greater than 100 feet or 30.5 meters is in the red zone,unsurvivable, and in Assassin's Creed, some of your biggest jumps triple that number.But let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, by taking it TO THE EXTREME: Falling out of a plane, six miles, 31,000feet, or 9,656 meters up in the air. According

to the free fall database, since the 1940s,an astonishing 44 people have survived falls from planes at these tremendous altitudes.You heard right: 44 people survived falling out of a plane! Of those, 31 were classified as wreckage riders, people who fell that distance attached toor surrounded by a piece of the plane. The other 13 were pure free fallersnothingto protect them. The thing is, although it's impressive that these people survived fallsfrom tens of thousands of feet, any fall over 1500 feet or 457 meters is going to beabout the same because that's the point you generally reach terminal velocity. To explain,gravity is accelerating you towards the earth, righté But as you keep falling faster andfaster, the air rushing past you pushes you

back more and more, creating drag. Terminalvelocity is the point where the two forces equal and you no longer accelerate downward.After falling 1500 feet, this speed maxes out at around 120 miles per hour or 54 ms. So, if you're going to fall, why not add 10,000 extra feet. Might as well enjoy the view on your way down. Now, using information from past fallers, wecan critique the Assassin's technique: And quite honestly, they're doing a lot right.They spread their bodies like a skydiver in the air which increases their overall dragand slows their descent. When they land, they they aim for a cushy substance. Ultimately, youwant to land on something with give, with flex. A wooden cart filled with hay is farbetter than earth, concrete, and water. You heard right,

water. Surprisingly, the surface tension betweenwater molecules makes the impact just as hard and inflexible as concrete. Except when youhit concrete, your newlycrippled body ISN'T forced to swim to safety. The one area for improvementis that they're landing flat on their back. In the good ol' days of 1940, this position was thoughtto be the best way to handle a fall, spread out the force of the impact across a largersurface area rather than placing lots of force in one part of the body. However, more recent studiessay falling like a skydiver's landing position, with legs and hips flexed, is the optimalway to handle a fall like this. In short, the odds of survival are low, BUT the Assassins aredoing everything they can to put the odds

in their favor.All right Felix Baumgartner, knowing that, you still want to recreate Assassin's CreedéFine. Let's take the quot;High Divequot; achievement from Ass Cred 2. To earn it, you must leapfrom Florence's Campanile di Giotto.man this channel is so bad at foreign names. Campanile di Giotto! Look 'a me, it's 'a Mario. It'sa me Mario! Or as the Americans pronounce it, Campanisle DGOtto, a 84.7 meter or 278 foot tower built around 1340.At this height, it's well above the 100 foot Red Dead Redemption zone. By my calculations, the fall takesaround 3.7 seconds to complete, and with the acceleration due to gravity being 9.8 metersper second per second, we can just plug these numbers into this equation to make sure everythingchecks out. Distance = ½ acceleration due to gravity times time of the fall squared.Aaaand we get.something, that's not right.

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One, two, three. 'pff' One, two, three. * purr * * eagle scream * * purr * * eagle scream *.

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