Good Vertical Jump For Baseball

By | January 19, 2017

Strong glutes using resistance Kinetic bands Drills for higher jumps Part 9

Speaker 1: The first thing that I like todo is start bringing those knees up, just basic kneeups is what we call it. You cansee the contraction in the bands. I can feel that in my quadriceps. I feel it in my glutesand I can also feel it in my abs. That's the first we want to do is do two to three setsof maybe 10 on each leg. That's going to get you loose.Then, we're going to go right into working the glutes and the quadriceps and the hamstringswith what we call a body squat. I'm going to get my feet just a little bit farther thanshoulder width apart. We're going to point those toes out. We're going to take the stressoff the knee. I'm going to put my hands out

here. I'm going to come down to parallel,pause, and come up. Down to parallel, pause, and come up. When I'm down here I can reallyfeel it in the quadriceps and the glutes, and then as I come up I'm working those hamstrings.Our third exercise that we're going to do in this group is called a squat jump. We'regoing to work on power, explosion, and we're going to increase vertical. That would befor basketball, for volleyball, for any sport that you're going to t need to jump in andalso in other areas just as far as pure explosion is concerned.We're going to do the same thing. We're going to come down here parallel, pause, no arms,then we're going to jump straight up. You

can feel that. That's building that glutearea back there. Again, we're going to come down. I want you to pause and drive straightup. éé éé éé éé.

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