Exercises For Jumping Kicks

By | December 15, 2016

Agility Training Exercises Techniques How to Do Jumping Jacks Swing Toe Kicks

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Uniqueand this is my handsome assistant Arney and we are at Energy Fitness in New York Citytalking about speed and agility techniques. Hello! How are you and today we are goingto do our first clip which is called speed and agility techniques so Arney is going toshow you how to do that. As you see what he is doing, he is focusing on opening up hishand strength as he swings he kicks. What he is doing is making sure each foot is landingin the ladder just to get himself actived to what we are about to do today. What happensis a lot of times with speed and agility is a lot of people go too fast before they canactually do the exercise. Right after this

we are going to go into a suicidal which wehave these cones right here. Now a suicidal drill is you are going to go from a sprintto the middle and back, sprint again. Go!.

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