English Jumping Exercises

By | December 17, 2016

Advanced Equestrian Jumping Exercises Horse Jumping a Bending Line

To start off with, we're going to jump thisline as a bending line. This means that I want to come to each jump straight on. It'smore important that I concentrate on having a good canter and holding a good track, thanthat we get the exact strides that are set here. And that time he held a really nice,even canter and we were able to get the four strides and then the three strides. If yourhorse hasn't done this kind of exercise before, you might find that they're a little bit wigglyand not getting the exact strides can be difficult.

Advanced Equestrian Jumping Exercises Advanced Equestrian Jumping

Today we will be going through advanced jumpingexercises. We have two different exercises set up. Both will test both the horses andriders ability to be accurate and precise with each of their movements. One exercisewill require a lot of adjusting of the horse's stride, while the other will require the riderto hold their horse onto a very precise line. It's important when working on advanced ridingexercises that you have a ground person to help you with distances and with setting differentheights of the fences. It's also a good idea to have a trainer so they can guide you andhelp you to make the exercise go smoothly. As always, when jumping, it's important thatyou have proper tack on and I like to have

all four boots on my horse just to protecttheir legs in case anything goes wrong, in case they hit themselves. And you want tomake sure that you have a good length of stirrup, always at least one hole shorter than yourflat stirrup.

Jumping Jack Weight Loss Workout 1 Lose 10 lbs in 21 days

Right now, in your own house, you're goingto do a tenminute workout in your house that's going to burn all that uglyfat off your body to make you look good naked. Before we start this workout,make sure that you've warmed up for at least five to ten minutes. If you'vealready warmed up, then let's go ahead and get started. Okay, are you standing upé Are you all readyto goé All right, just look at the clock in the corner, and all you needto know for now is that in ten seconds, you're going to start doing jumpingjacks as fast as you can for

ten seconds. Okay, are you readyé We're goingto start in three, two, one, go. All right, get those jumping jacks going.Come on, keep going. Come on, almost finished. Come on, just three moreseconds. Then we're going to stop. Come on, and stop. All right but keepmoving, though. Keep moving your feet like I'm doing. Keep moving yourfeet. Keep moving your feet. That's right. That's all I want to do, justkeep moving. Keep moving. Get ready to do and go.

Do some more jumping jacks. Come on, keepgoing, keep going. Get those jumping jacks in. Come on, keep going. Comeon, try to go as fast as you can with the jumping jacks. As fast as youcan, and stop. Just keep moving. Now, for this part here, you can either moveslow, move fast or you can stand in place, all right. But it's best ifyou keep moving throughout this whole tenminute workout. All right and go.Come on, back to jumping jacks. This is the intense part. Come on, keep going.Try to go as fast as you can. As fast as you can with the jumping jacks,keep going, keep doing it,

and stop. All right, keep moving. Like I said,if you want to, you can stand in place or you can move like this.Or if you want to, you can do some ski steps. All right, keep going, andgo. Come on, jumping jacks, jumping jacks. Comeon, as fast as you can. Come on, five more seconds. Come on, real hard.Come on, keep going real fast, real fast, and stop. All right, keep moving.Move those feet. Move those feet. This is an easy workout. Come on, havefun with it. Come on, three more seconds and jumping jacks.

Go, come on. Try to get as many jumping jacksas you can in ten seconds. Go for 15 jumping jacks in ten seconds. Nexttime, try for 20 jumping jacks in ten seconds. All right, challenge yourself.All right, and keep those feet moving. That's right, keep those feet moving.All right, right at this part you want to go slow or don't move at all.All right, this is the easy part of the workout. All right, go, and this is the real intensepart. Come on, try to get it up. Try to go as fast as you can. Come on,as many jumping jacks as you

can. All right, going for 15 jumping jacksin ten seconds or as many as you can, keep moving. That's right. This parthere, we're just relaxing. Come on now. Five more seconds and we're goingto go right back to jumping jacks. Get ready and go. That's right, do the jumping jacks. All right,keep going. Keep going. Don't give up. All right, don't give up. Thisis an easy workout. Keep moving. You have no excuse not to do thiswork out. You can do this workout anywhere in your house. You could do it inyour own bathroom if you wanted

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