Double Your Vertical Jump

By | February 21, 2017

Minecraft How to Double Jump Long Jump

How to Double Jump Long Jump Mission Impossible: *1.5 blocks* *2 blockes* The only way to do this without a jump boost potion, is with the double jumping bow technique. It's pretty hard to start off with, but you quickly learn how to time it. You can also jump longer using this method, Hitting yourself with the Punch II bow will get you about 20 blocks further. If you time it right, you could theoretically hit yourself with 4 previously fired arrows.

In addition, you can actually shoot yourself at least an additional 20 blocks. This adds up to 100+ blocks jump! This is equivalent to about 3 of my islands. That's pretty freaking far. All of the creeper's secret lies in this chest! All of the creeper's secret lies in this chest! You can now go to AudibleTrial MagmaMusen and create a free account! Get a tutorial dedicated to you, help support my channel, and get a free audiobook

Tutorial and link in the description! Tutorial and link in the description! Tutorial and link in the description! Thank you for watching! Thank you for supporting! Thank you for being such awesome subscribers!.

DOUBLE JUMP ClusterTruck 6

*WHOOSH* Top of the morning to ya laddies, My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to ClusterTruck! I haven't played it in ages, but I did see every now and then when I'd log into Steam it would do an update, and I didn't see that there were any new levels or any of the new talk about anything since the SuperHOT kind of What was it calledé

SuperTrucké Since that thing came in, um. but apparently the abilities are unlocked now! I have zero style points now, but if you get fifteen thousand you get a double jump, twentyfive thousand you get a jetpack, forty thousand and you get a grappling hook, and there's all these over here as well. quot;Freezes All Trucks.quot;

Why would you want thaté I don't know! But I'm going to get in! Hopefully they actually are unlocked and it's not a case of showing them there and then getting into the game and then style points don't mean anything. Oooohhhh, this is different. Okay, so I can't play anything beyond level one. ThatWhat!é

That literally just started! Ohhkay. Now there's sound effects for all the trucks! God, this is even more fucking mental than before! Ooohhh God How do I get Style Points by the wayé! Okay, that was a thousand points. So, I need toWhatéé!

I need to get fifteen thousand to get a doublejump. Oh Mother of God, this is not going to go well. Do I get it for the speed and all the different things I'm doingé Oh yes, ha!!! Jesus fucking Christ! In a game based around speed and parkour and everything you can't have anything hitch like that.

You can't have the game suddenly freeze and then take off again because that's not gonna work! Whoo!!! Nice. I'm getting about a thousand per level, which means, well About a thousand one hundred per level which means that I have to finish like

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