Best Calf Exercises For Jumping

How To Get Big Calves Best Calf Routine

So you want big calvesé In my family everybody has big calves. My father has big calves, my brothers have big calves, even my grandmother has big calves. And THIS!!! Is how we do it. Do as many reps as you can on one leg without weight

and then do the same number on the other leg. For me, that's around 80 to 90 reps. NO, REST INBETWEEN SETS!!! Just go from leg to leg and do 10 repetitions less every second set. That's 3 sets per leg, 6 sets total. And timing is important too! This is how fast you should move.

If you think you can rest now, you are wrong. You have 30 seconds to the next exercise, that means 15 seconds calf stretch per leg. Don't waste your time. Now !!! Standing calf raise! with a barbell. or

with a TREE Use enough weight so you fail after5070 reps. Now your rest is the time you need to put on more weight. 50 percent more weight. 50 percent more fun. Once you are done, walk 20 steps on your toes. One more set with dumbbells or plates.

About 100 repetitions Now, shake your calves and massage them 30 seconds. And now! Let's do! 300 !!! 300 calf raises without weight. Now sit down, and stretch 30 seconds.

Last exercise. Let's see, how often you can jump on one leg now. And then, the other one of course. 50 to 200 jumps. Do this once a week. And you can run or rope jump in addition, that's no problem! And protein is important to! Meat,

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